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Anticipated Growth in State GDP as Guarantee Implementation Takes Effect, Affirms CM Siddaramaiah

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Five thousand rupees are available to every family belonging to farmers, the poor, women, workers, and backward classes through the five guarantee schemes implemented by the state government. This initiative is expected to stimulate economic activities and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed confidence that it will contribute to an increase in the state’s GDP.

The Chief Minister made these remarks during a ceremony held on Friday, August 11, at Kokatanur of Athani taluk. The event aimed to dedicate the Veterinary College, inaugurate various developments, and lay the foundation stone for future projects.

Under the Shakti Yojana, 35 crore women have already benefited from free bus travel, which is expected to boost government revenue. Another noteworthy scheme, the Grilahakshmi Yojana, provides Rs 2,000 per month to over 1.30 crore families in the state. This program, with an annual allocation of Rs 35,000 crore, is a rare initiative in the country.

The government’s achievements, particularly the successful implementation of these guarantee schemes, have surprised the opposition. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah assured that all promises made by the government will be fulfilled, regardless of any challenges faced. He emphasized that the government is committed to delivering on its commitments.

In the previous term, out of 165 promises, 158 were fulfilled, demonstrating the government’s dedication to its obligations. Similarly, this time, five guarantees have been provided, and the current budget includes measures to fulfill the 76 promises outlined in the recent assembly elections manifesto.

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Three out of the five guarantee schemes have already been completed. The Grilakshmi scheme is currently being implemented this month, while the fifth Guarantee Yuva Nidhi scheme is scheduled to be implemented in either December or January.

The state has a significant livestock wealth, and the establishment of a Veterinary Medical College will not only complement the development of agriculture but also ensure the healthcare of livestock.

MLA Lakshman Savadi has made immense contributions to the Athani constituency. It is the primary responsibility of the people’s representatives to strive for the all-round development of their respective constituencies, and Savadi’s achievements in this regard are commendable.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has assured that all demands, including the implementation of the irrigation scheme, will be fulfilled step by step.

During the function, Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar assured that all necessary assistance will be provided for the implementation of irrigation projects in Athani and Kagavad constituencies.

The dreams of Athani MLA regarding irrigation projects are ambitious. He aims to improve the lives of the people throughout the entire constituency through the implementation of these projects.

Not only the people in this area, but also the MLA Lakshmana Savadi’s concern for the welfare of cattle is highly appreciated, as evidenced by the establishment of a Veterinary College.

Satish Jarakiholi, the district in-charge minister of Belagavi, stated that the dedicated Veterinary College will greatly benefit the farming community, students, and cattle in the area in the near future. The college will be provided with the necessary infrastructure, and the government will allocate additional funding for irrigation projects in the Athani area.

Animal Husbandry and Sericulture Minister K. Venkatesh emphasized the significance of the Veterinary Medical College for both students and the farming community in this region, who rely on livestock. Despite the shortage of doctors and medicines, the animal husbandry department is dedicated to providing excellent services. Belgaum district, known for its large cattle population, also boasts high milk production. Minister Venkatesh pledged his commitment to improving services in light of this fact.

Minister of Women and Child Development Department, Lakshmi Hebbalkar, announced the successful implementation of three out of five guarantee schemes. She further stated that the Grilakshmi guarantee scheme would be implemented this month, benefiting over 11 lakh beneficiaries in Belgaum. Hebbalkar expressed her dedication to the comprehensive development of the district under the leadership of District In-charge Minister Satish Jarakiholi.

During the introduction, Athani MLA Lakshman Savadi urged Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who was visiting for the first time since the initiation of the Bhagya program, to address the debt burden of the people in the Athani constituency. He highlighted the urgent need for irrigation facilities for 70 thousand acres of land and requested compensation for those affected by shame in nine villages. Savadi also called for immediate funding of 20 crore for the establishment of an Agricultural College. Additionally, he proposed that the government’s Women and Child Development Department purchase dry grapes from the Athani region to support nutritious food production and assist local farmers.

Kagawad MLA Bharamagowda Kage demanded the provision of necessary infrastructure, including government offices, for the newly established Kagawad taluk.

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