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Anytime Payment machine of HESCOM goes Defunct

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The Any time payment (ATP) machines at the HESCOM offices were some kind of a boon for the consumers for the payment of their dues. But as the system has failed now citizens have to stand in Queue to pay the bills.

The online payment system on is working but not many have the facility to pay bills online.

atp-hescomFrom May 1, the ATP machines have become defunct. In total there are eight ATP machines in different locations of city. Apart from them, people can also pay the electricity bills at the Belagavi one centres. But sources have cleared that the contract of ‘Ad electronics’ an agency which running these ATP machines from past five years ended on April 31.

ATP machines are defunct from May 1. Official’s of Hubballi electricity supply company (HESCOM) have said that the tender process for the new agency to run the ATP machines has commenced and it will at least take a month for the new agency to commence operations.

Due to the manual billing process, it is taking at least of five to ten minutes for each person. Thus a long queue is creating in front of centres. The rush also seen common in Belagavi one centres.

HESCOM Executive Engineer, city devision said once the tender work is finalized a new agency will shortly install their New ATP machines and commence by June 1.

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  1. Online is convenient and simple. Fellow citizens give it a try. Takes extra Rs 6 approx. Through online banking. Better than fuel costs and standing in line for hours.

  2. Shame on belgaum electricity board. We have powercuts in bhagya for more than 5 times a day. And we dont have power even now.

  3. Sleeping government agency calls tender after expiry. Can this not be done in time to not inconvenience citizens?

    Mostly senior citizens stand in queue.

  4. No need to go there as you can pay online on Hescom website or on paytm(recently Hescom has been added)

  5. there is a problem there as well on paytm regarding service provider n on hescom the bill amount is shown nill on searching the details!!


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