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Aralikatti lake rejuvenation taken up by Pyaas Foundation

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Last year the village of Aralikatti, about 22 kms from Belagavi Near Hire Bagewadi was drought hit and had severe drinking water problem. The Govt water tankers were not adequate for the village of 4500 people.

Currently the village is has around 25 bore wells but without water and the lone bore well having water that too for only 1 hour. The people all over the village come and take water in pots to their houses from this only source of water.

The only bore well which gives water for an hour

Pyaas foundation which is group of like minded people pooled in money and started distributing one water tanker to the village and within a week the number was raised to 4 takers daily for 3 months.

aralikatti-lake pyaas foundationaralikatti-lake pyaas foundation
Last year the villagers had shown the directors of the foundation a Lake which had water but was filled with silt and could hardly store any water.

So this year the Pyaas Foundation decided to take up the rejuvenation work after the completion of the Sulaga lake recently.

Today the work on the rejuvenation began with the support of the villagers of Aralikatti.

The 1.25 acre lake will be dug about 25-30 feet deep so that it can store sufficient water, and each time when the foundation has commenced work it has hit live springs in the lake which will in actual rejuvenate the lake.

The entire budget of this project is in the range of 10-12 lakhs depending upon how deep the lake will be dug. If there are hard rocks found it will be a difficult job as at Sulaga but eventually there as well the hard stones were broken and lake was dug up well before time.

The main aim of such Lake rejuvenation is storage of water which inturns help in raising the ground water level.

The first project undertaken by the foundation last year, the Prabhu Nagar lake was filled to the brim in the monsoon and even now has sufficient water and this water has raised the water level in the other bore wells and wells in the village which used to go dry from December.

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  1. Nice initiative. May God bless all involved in it. Providing water is the most blessed thing a human being can do. I appeal to the government to provide adequate and necessary support to the foundation. Hats off to you all.


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