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Arbitrary decisions may harm the eco system at Vaccine Depot

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Chief minister BS Yedurrappa recently said that a Glass would be built before the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana at Vaccine Depot at a cost Rs. 5 Crores and the time remaining for the same is less than a month now.

The Save Vaccine Institute Action Committee has opposed this making of a glass house mentioning this as an arbitrary decision and building such kind of Glass house without proper planning will kill the ecological balance of Vaccine Depot.

The Save Vaccine Institute Action Committee urged the District administration by a memorandum to save this 156 acres of lung space to be declared as a green zone and also make the mention of the same in the city development plan.

No arbitrary and Adhoc decisions should be taken with respect to the Vaccine Institute Campus, which would compromise the eco system therein.

A Vaccine Institute committee should be constituted with D.C. as Chairperson and representatives of concerned citizens groups and conservation experts. INTACH, an agency with an expertise in long term preservation and conservation of heritage and natura ecosystems should be put on all projects related to vaccine Institute.

5 thoughts on “Arbitrary decisions may harm the eco system at Vaccine Depot”

  1. Even I am against the government move of putting a glass house in Vaccine Depot premise. To commemorate the event of VKS may be the fort could be renovated or a Town Hall could be constructed.


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