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Are We Second class citizens of Karnataka

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Are we the second-class citizens in Karnataka, it sounds bitter isn’t it to hear so, but in Belagavi the namesake second capital of Karnataka state the citizens are facing such bitter issues to feel so, and let me explain to you why?

Pity to hear and see the state legislative building is turning green with algae because for the last two years the government stopped having winter session for reason due to excess flood last year and COVID-19 this year, another silly reason is for moving of files pertaining to the minister is the issue it seems, but no one look for a solution, and being in E enabled information age why can’t we have E-governance and parallel data center here in SVS (Suvarna Vidhan Soudha) premise, along with other government officials as common IT infra, and all the data available online be the ministers work from any place.

16 MLA’s 2 MP’s 1 Dy CM represents the district of Belagavi the second largest in the state and also the second-largest taxpayers with Aerospace, Hydraulics, industrial and precision engineering exporting city after Bangalore, but in return what we deserve or get is state-sponsored discrimination, and the number of elected representatives that I just counted are worthless to take up any good initiative for the city or the district.

The concerns are many but so is the discrimination and laxity attitude towards people of Belagavi, a border city being the gateway to Goa and Maharashtra, and as a usual allegation of linguistic feud even though by and large the generation today has moved on to live with cordial feelings, the recent example is of Peeranwadi statue issue settled down without any freak incident.

A common Belgavite would not be moved by any happening until he or she knows what is Belagavi? Belagavi was established as Regional Headquarters of North-Western Karnataka not just since British time but from the reigns of the Maratha Kingdom, while the history has lot more prominence for this place compared to any other city in and around name it valor sacrifice of freedom struggle it is all here in the air and mud, the hallmark of Indian army shows the same with regimental HQ of Maratha Light infantry and JL wing Commando training school. We can smell in the mud of this land the blood and sweat that our soldiers learned from this place and guarding our frontiers.

Having so much and as a Belgavite then how are we the second class citizen and what discrimination am I talking about?

I am talking about the frequent transfer of offices happening from Belagavi to a nearby city, under muscle-flexing political supremacy, what proves this is, being the regional headquarters as compared to Bangalore Mysore and Gulbarga (other three revenue HQ) where all the offices are based in the same city, but in case of Belagavi, they are moved, poached with vested political interest Why is it so, would Belgavites are so vulnerable to be taken for granted for or being otherwise electing and sending the largest number of constituency seat to the ruling government, are we short of anything less to be called the power center of North Karnataka and even if so-called, why are such moves happening.

Two recent issues I would like to bring in here, the first one is about Dr. Sonali Sarnobat Council member of Central Ministry took up a struggle to get land of 2 acres to setup regional centre of Lalit Kala Academy a prominent philanthropist she knows the importance of this place, and its contribution to art culture and literature, Her effort to bring this centre here knowing the fusion of three states of Karnataka Goa and Maharashtra besides also having reigns of Portuguese settlements didn’t garner much support, where else such fusion and amalgamation to be found or looked far, doesn’t this make you pride of your identity. I explained this, so you all can read and self-discover your identity but sorry to say this centre is being on poaching move to Hubli or Dharwad as the DC in Belagavi is yet to find land. I hope we are not yet waiting to see another disappointment in losing this institution.

Now let us come to another issue, in 2018 I had published a blog site skyscrapers city the proposed income tax office, the land of 4.5 acres with 40 cores investment, this was planned as PCCIT was to be based here with more number of ITO in the region of Belagavi

it office and as a taxpayer I deserve to have such kind of establishment in the city, as we contribute a lot to the state exchequer, but off late another sad news, the Income-tax commissioner offices of Belagavi are being moved to Hubli. Why?

Besides some war on twitter by netizens, this wakeup call off course was heard by none other than a self-help group called FOAB (Federation of association of Belagavi) this is the same group worked for UDAN-3 and saved IXG campaign when our 10 operational flights were moved to Hubli Airport under UDAN-2, then headed by CREDAI president Chaitanya Kulkarni and team quaked the power corridors in Delhi, They visited Delhi on their own cost and got back Belagavi Airport operational and we are second busiest in the state now despite of COVID-19.

I say it is now or never in the wake of such gross injustice and infringement and right of equality the recent movement to retain the IT commissioner office and this time spearheading in the forefront with Mr. Satish Mehta Chairman Belgaum branch of ICAI, I believe the impact need to make loud and clear that the people of Belagavi cannot be taken granted, His interview in Tarun Bharat must be seen and must go viral to every Belagavite, to ensure and make everybody realise that how an individual must feel about this place and love for this city.

Some twitter post and comments you can find on demanding Union Territory status for Belagavi, it isn’t wrong at all then, but why should we fall short being an official second capital, whereas, by all means, we deserve to get this status isn’t it be it all the Northwestern offices back in place at Belagavi SVS.

It is an earnest appeal for people of Belagavi, to rise above all over mean limitation of language caste and creed to look forward that we don’t get treated like second class citizen anymore,

It must include with very first attempt to bring all the 16MLA, 2MPs and 1 Dy-CM on a single platform and ask “Is your soul awakened” if not shake them hard.

I am here to endorse the voice of a common Belgavite, I believe and trust that it will surely resonate to hit the right chord and make some difference till we all believe and trust for liveable lovable Belagavi for all and the respect and dignity that we reserve to gain in-state remains high and not taken granted for.

Signing off for now:

Satish Kumar

7 thoughts on “Are We Second class citizens of Karnataka”

  1. People deserve this, people who are busy with hindu/muslim, kannada/marathi, statues, etc etc. Not one core issue is taken up by general public. look at belgaum medical facilities, its such a shame. mostly everyone is Selfish and look after their own.I have hearing about IT coming to bgm for last 15 yrs. so in short those without tounge have no way to speak out.

  2. The article is absolutely right, The second capital of Karnataka is just given for name sake. Politicians are not treating as second capital. This is the time to raise voice.

  3. I study engineering in bengalore. As all of us know that in bengalore all state as well as district people come to study and other stuff.
    Now coming to the point, when i argue with my friends from different distict of Karnataka about ” it is a second capital of Karnataka”,
    I will get only one reply, ” They did belagavi as a 2ed capital of Karnataka Bcoz maharashtra should not protest and should not take it to maharastra”.
    With this reply from my friends, I am not in a situation to argue with them…..
    Totally they will lock ? my mouth…

    So what they have said is it true? No one politician think about our city. Being a 2ed capital of Karnataka,, being a smart cith we r (belagavi) still behind many distict of Karnataka like tumakuru, davanagere, hubli, shivmogga, mysur, hasana, etc…

  4. Very well explained by Mr. Prakash, better we should make aware of this negligence towards Belagavi to the concerned authorities of central government and only the solution is either separate statehood or Union Territory and let us act carefully, immediately with effectively


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