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Army closes Race course road despite orders by supreme court

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The Army has blocked the Race course road/ Point road to all civilians from today by blocking the road and even ploughing the said road so that access is not easy.

The Race course road/ Point road is a well known road for the morning walkers in the area and the said road was blocked for entry to civilians from 29th September 2011. After which a representation was submitted by the various morning walkers to the army officials after which today the said road was ploughed and blocked.

The closure of this road is in blatant defiance of a Supreme court order to keep this road open to all civilians.

The ploughed road so that people dont get access

Racecourse Road/ Point road was laid out in 1865 and has been used by civilians for generations for running, jogging and walking. The British then who valued the sport welcomed the civilians to this road including the buffaloes. In 1994 the Army had closed this road and after protests and order of the division bench of the high Court of Karnataka in 1996 the road was opened. The supreme court in another order said “ The action of the Army officers was held to be illegal, Unwarranted and un-constitutional.”

The honorable Supreme court had ruled that this road be left open for all citizens of Belgaum as it is their fundamental right under article 19(1)(d).

Racecourse Road/ Point road wends its way through what the army officers call EPTA(Environmental park and Training area) but which not only the citizens but also the Loksabha, thanks to the Comptroller and Auditor General has found that Golf courses by the army are illegal.

The 113.95 acre Belgaum golf course is on A-1 category land, which is meant for strict military use, this was stated in the CAG report tabled in the parliament. In 2004, then army chief had ordered golf to be a sports activity and renamed all golf courses as environmental parks and training areas. In the same report also mentions the unauthorized use of army land.

The members of the civil society will assemble on 19th October near Race course Road and will march towards DC office.

8 thoughts on “Army closes Race course road despite orders by supreme court”

  1. Whats wrong with this blocking, its a security issue, Army has lodged an appeal in Supreme Court. Awaiting reply. Trust public will be more sensible than raising issues which pertain to National Security.

  2. Board Display is of Enviroment Park.

    Majority Citizens use it for Morning Walks as an exercise.

    Some use it for Golf. (Not sure Golf Players are Army Personnel). Some Golf players use underage caddies to move around their equipment while playing.

    No army activity or training is seen in this area.

    Golf is not a national security issue.

    Place your foot on a Golf Green and you will have caddy running towards you yelling "Go Away. You are not permitted here". This actually happened to me last sunday.

    • Another Point.

      Hasn't the army just damaged its own property, just to prevent morning walkers.

      Wonder what they will do if the enemy comes!!!

  3. I agree with Kiran and don't understand what security issue is this ??? Security is a big umbrella to cover their illegal activities ???????????

  4. Does the Army think that people of Belgaum are not Indians . Do they think they are a superior breed. Do they think that we are from the POK or the Chinese side of the border and trying to grab their land. As Belgaum is a peace station and most of the Army personnel have nothing worthwhile to do – they are busy maintaining temples [ Military Mahadev / Hindalga Ganapati / Fort temple ] playing golf and and trying to build compound walls all around. And in the remaining time – dig up their own backyard. Grow up boys !!!

    • Rough Calculations (I could be wrong here, somebody verfiy)

      – Head over to Google Maps in Satellite mode and see the Belgaum Golf course.
      – I could count it as an 18 hole (greens) course
      – Each green costs atleast 2 lacs to build. Why because there is a lot under the surface of the lawn visible on the top.
      – Do you know that each green has its own drainage system to enable rain water to drain very quickly into the surrounding area, which help players to quickly return to play.
      – Each green costs atleast 1 lacs to maintan per year. Labor to maintain it and WATER to keep it green.
      – So thats atleast 36 lacs as a bare minimum to build and 18 lacs per year and every year to maintain it.
      – Who is paying for it? Citizens through their taxes.

      – Comments welcomed.


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