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People of Navge against the setting up of dumping ground

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The garbage dump yard in Turmuri where 160 tonnes per day of Municipal Solid Waste is dumped is to be relocated to Navage near Macche after the residents of Turmuri had protested against the hazards they were facing due to the waste.

The residents of the area including people from Navage, Santi Bastwad, Karle came together and protested against the establishment of a dumping ground near their village as they fear their fate would also be the same as the residents of Turmuri and they also would have to face many health and other issues.

A resolution has been passed six months ago by the corporation for the shifting of the dumping ground but as the local residents oppose the corporation is in a dizzy.

The corporation commissioner told that Navage will not have a dumping ground but will have the pyrolysis plant (thermo-chemical decomposition of organic material) which will also produce power. He further said nothing has been finalized as yet.

3 thoughts on “People of Navge against the setting up of dumping ground”

  1. just dumping the waste is not enough… the muncipal corp will have to first effectively process …. they need to take some proffessional help on the same and then also look at options of using the same for conversion to energy

  2. why should the muncipal dump city waste in their village is it their fault. Cities create more waste than villages yet people living in city say villages are dirty but forget that there own shit is thrown in the city outskirts where villages starts. You see many corner in city have “Do not throw waste here” boards then how can they expect villages to be dumping ground. the Muncipal corp must create proper waste management within city and not just dump in villages

  3. Waste management combined with a little investment in a biogas plant would help in generation of energy from the waste. It will solve the twin problems of waste disposal as well as shortage of energy. Many industries in the country are already doing it!


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