Case filed against Mah minister RR Patil in Belgaum


The Belgaum police have filed a case in Market Police Station (Cr.No.147/13) under Section 153(A) of IPC and 125 Representation of the People Act. The minister was here in Belgaum on April 7, ans spoke at the birthday celebrations of Editor of Tarun Bharat, Kiran Thakur.

Section 153(A) of IPC is for Promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony and 125 Representation of the People Act is for Promoting enmity between classes in connection with election. Any person who in connection with an election under this Act promotes or attempts to promote on grounds of religion, race, caste, community or language,feelings of enmity or hatred, between different classes of the citizens of India shall be punishable, with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.


Mr.Patil allegedly made provocative remarks while recalling an incident wherein Karnataka Rakshana Vedike had daubed the face of Vijay Pandurang More at Bangalore on Nov.11, 2005, the then Mayor of Belgaum City Corporation for passing a resolution seeking for merger of Belgaum and several other Marathi-speaking boundary areas with Maharashtra. He had also said that if 5 MES MLAs are elected then we can make the government dance to our tunes. 

The DC Munish Moudgil, who is also the District electin officer saw the 45 minutes speech of RR Patil and the same was translated into the English and Kannada and he also obtained legal opinion and after this filed the case.




  1. We belgaumits are facing same problems as jammu Kashmir people facing. Hate speech , protest many more. Still jammu Kashmir is in India only. Belgaum also going to remain in karnataka only. Nothing is going to change. Let them give hate speech. Naayi bogalidare devalok halagodilla

  2. Why can’t Mr. Patil mind is own state affairs? When there are plenty of problems that he has to worry about what is he doing in Belgaum?

  3. Long Live MES and Long Live RR.We all are with you.People please give strong reply to Kar Natak Govt by electing Marathi Candidates only..the way you replied in Municipal elections.

    • wats wrong is wrong, first let him solve his maharashtra which is also mahabrasthas problems,and you do not act like moron

  4. It is not about the state lanaguage or people we individuals are best judges , what kind of Morons have we elected in public fora, do these filthy elements care about people, water food and quality of life for a commaon man, and so is Mr editor, ever thought of exposing such thing with responible jourenalism as a fighting tool

  5. This is called misusing of freedom of speech. This moron was talking about lifting sword and maratas not losing a battle. People got to remember that kannada kingdoms have a much longer history, valour, and legacy that ruled more than 3/4 of today’s india. infact like many marathi historians have noted, shivaji himself had kannadiga origins.

    Its a shame that belgaumites are merely watching such a hate monger spreading hatred when there is enough already.

  6. Kikiki kiran Thakur is himself a editor in newspaper. Unfortunately he doesn’t know election code of conducts. Question is how he became editor…?.It is the kind of people we have in Belgaum. R.R Patil is minister. He too spoke like uneducated. Shameful.

  7. Really, its called freedom of speech.. just because you don’t like it does not mean you can sue or arrest someone for saying it. Our democracy permits the free exchange of ideas, even when you don’t like those ideas. As long as they were not violent – they have a right to express their mind. if they prefer Maharashtra they have a right to agitate peacefully for it, however we may dislike it.

    This is similar to Mumbai police trying to arrest someone for expressing an opinion on facebook.

    • Right,we have right to express but it should not promote or attempts to provoke people on grounds of religion, race, caste, community or language,feelings of enmity or hatred, between different classes of the citizens.That too entering into different state and making provocative remarks against the state and inducing hatredness among people against the law and punishable.No state will bare this kind of act.
      Mumbai police case is different.Cannot be matched with this.

  8. Great going belgaum police ! That fool (R R patil) has no right to step into our land and pass comments. He should be punished severely. He should never be allowed to enter here again.


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