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Kudremani to Belgaum North via London Singapore – Nagesh Sakhare

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nageshNagesh Vilas Sakhare studied in a Marathi Medium school, even when they were the only family in the village to speak Kannada in Kudremani. He then joined GSS and graduated from BMSCE Bangalore, got selected in the campus interview in IT Company worked for 2 years in Bangalore, then went to London for 2.5 years then moved to Singapore for 2 years and now comes back leaving behind everything to contest the Belgaum north election as a Loksatta Party candidate. He plans to settle down here only whatever may be the result and start a coaching class for rural students.

Speaking to AAB Nagesh said, “I have decided to contest election because I want change in the system and I want to be part of that change. I am just tried of the criticizing this system by remaining outside, so main problem of this system is money involved in the politics in contesting election so I am fighting against it. I just impressed by words of our president “if not you then who , not now then when ” change is inevitable when status quo is unstable but will we get the change but is that the right kind of change we want ?”

However, for the voters of Belgaum by and large, his is a new face and it remains to be seen whether they (voters) too think like him and support at the hustings.

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  1. Best Wishes to Mr Nagesh Sakhare. Our political arena may become clean if people like Nagesh enter politics. Moreover, Nagesg represents both Marathi and Kannada speaking people. Belgaumites are really fed up with MES and fanatic Kannada people.

  2. All the best , May you thrive and inspire many more young blood to jump in for a cause in socety and thouw out old heaed ruling thugs

  3. Please find my election manifesto :


    Dear voters,

    Immoral and corrupt system came into effect when we shy away from exercising our democratic duties and responsibilities, because of this less percentage of voting politicians are getting benefits. If 100% voting is achieve we can eliminate this corrupt practice of politics. It is simple mathematics 35% of educated voters does not vote by just saying all are same, corrupt politicians and parties. 20% of people who sell their vote for money and liquor, then 30% of voter vote based on caste, religion, language and remaining 15% of voters enjoy the holiday. It is us who are making mockery of our democracy.

    It can be any election you can see historically there is voting percentage of 50 to 60 in any election. So according to political calculation they have to get 25% of the votes to win. So they try to buy the 20% vote with liquor and money they easily spend around 2 to 5 Crors to get those votes by exceeding the election commission limits of 10 lakh.

    After spending so much money no body can guarantee he can work without doing any corruption. He has taken this election as a investment and take all the advantages and turns his profit not into 2 or 3 times but more than 42 to 50 times more than that what he has to spent. You do not have to mention here separately the income of MAL in 5 years riches 100 to 200 crors that is the money from our pocket and this we will not think while voting.


     Every body should to nullify the vote buying.
     Do not vote based on caste, religion and language.
     Vote for good candidate if no one is good candidate then do negative voting (49-o)
     Do not sell your vote if you do you will loose your right to ask for 5 years. You might enjoy one day but he will enjoy for 5 years.

    Everybody thinks to change this system but no one comes forward but I have taken steps now I am standing a election and going to spend only 1 lakh rupees and that is donation from all of you people. I will collect Rs. 1 each from you. Rs. 1/- will change your future are you ready for the change? Will you rise above cast religion and language and vote for me for this change ? I am optimistic, your one one vote will takes to victory.

    What is my agenda:

    1] Clean people, clean money, clean politics
    2] Politics without any form of corruption all people are our workers.
    3] Politics of unity
    4] Inclusive politics for religion, caste and language.
    5] All govt. documents will be provided in their mother tongue.
    6] Dust bin for every 200 Mtrs, and toilet for every 1 KM to keep the city clean and green.
    7] Improve quality of education in Government school.
    8] without insurance no road will be allowed to build
    9] Increase reservation by 5% but this should be given to students who study in Govt. school not in convent school.
    10] Coaching for poor students to utilize above reservation.
    11] Parking facility in city limit (multistoried where possible)

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

    • Mr. Nagesh,

      Greetings, first of all All the Best for the upcoming elections.

      Now coming to your Agenda’s, As i go through the Agenda it makes me feel points are more hypothetical, which are unreal, Most of your Election Manifesto speaks about life in politics advantages and disadvantages of an politician.

      You made a great calculations of biased voting system as a little educated i too understand and make out this with some common sense and simple mathematics which is sill not up to date iam saying this as i got Data related to the same from a well know surveying MNC and News Channel which speaks opp to your calculations.

      Most of your points in Agenda are Macro level not on Micro level.
      Can you please elaborate how would you plan these above mentioned points in agenda and how will you execute the plans,

      i would have appreciated if you would have mentioned the below points and try to throw some lights on it in your Agenda points.

      1. Education system – What is the current status of our education system and In what way you will improve it

      2. How would you resolve the Border Issue, Any plans or strategy to get all religion people on common platform? How?

      3.All document in their mother tongue? DO you have any idea how many diversified Mother tongue are used in belgaum? and what is the cost to execute the same? and how will it improve Belgaum development or help common man, especially uneducated Village farmers?

      4.Reservation in school? Why? Why not on merit basis?

      5. What about the Judiciary system?

      6. Employment issue, Especially how will you get investment in Belgaum? How will you get Major IT companies in Belgaum ? Industrial Policy?

      7. Major Issue What are plans for improving Infrastructure to align Belgaum with upcoming growth?

      I wish you All the Best , May good work win.

      All above said are my personal views.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Prashant Maruti Belgaonkar

  4. Best wishes Mr Nagesh Sakhare

    m agree with Mr. S M Katti,,
    But how to convince our religious and uneducated youth ?who jus gather at the panpatti shop, have some drink, cgrt n gutkha, talk all the crap abt sitting whole day, pulling everyone’s leg and returning home wid frustration fighting wid wife, parents.

    This is the scenario in belgaum, no one thinks abt the change, they dont want any change too,,

    • Yes sir, they have not taken this life seriously yet Parents are feeding them and they are enjoying the days at all corners, eating all these things and teasing girls.this is because of educatiion system and unemployment.

  5. Hello Mr. Nagesh Sakhare,

    I am really happy that the candidates like you are taking part in the assembly elections. I read your Agenda. its very good. but i would like to add some points in that which i think these are more important.

    1. The monthly health insurance funding for the peoples above 55 years.
    2. The school with all digitalised education system.
    3. Proper admission systems in schools.
    4. The important things like Milk, vegetables and other grossory items will be supplied at economical rates.
    5. Try to give education to all children’s as much as possible.
    6. Better roads according to the foriegn coutry constuction plans and order to follow strictly the traffic rules.
    7. Job employments for residential unemployed peoples of Belgaum.
    8. Inviting better companies for better employment and belgaum growth.
    9. Employment based on “Do work and get the money”, Nothing is free or donated here.
    10. Encouraging sports for better health and career.

    I would like to see you on MLA seat.

    “I wish you all the best and hoping for your victory.”

    Changwon, South Korea
    Mobile : +82-10-8781-3086,

  6. I am originally from Kudremani. I have completed my first schooling up to 5th STD from Kudremani.I am your uncle Shri Suresh Sakhare’s friend and classmate. I was very close to your Father Shri Vilas also. Your grandfather Shri Siddapanna Sakhare was my fathers best friend. Now I am retired from State Bank of India and staying in Pune. I was very much impressed and proud also after going through your site. Best wishes for your future plans for the welfare of Kudremani. Happy Deepavali.
    Vijay Joshi

  7. People wants hero’s they don’t want zeros, becoz they’re not realising zero’s only become hero’s.

    All the best, Focus on your endeavour.


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