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Kiran Jadhav files nomination for Belgaum North from BJP

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4 thoughts on “Kiran Jadhav files nomination for Belgaum North from BJP”

  1. Kiran Jadhav ? Who is this of BJP ? I have been a voter here for last four elections and I have never come across this name ! Can Kiran Jadhav muster enough voted to retain his deposit ? By the way, is he related to Subhash Jadhav, first mayor of Belgaum ? Subhash Jadhav was known to me as a fertilizer dealer since I was in FCI.

  2. Please vote this time to correct candidate who can develop Belgaum.

    One of the loudest cries which is often heard in the political gatherings all across the country is that the youth should play a more prominent role in politics and public administration. Now time came to vote young and dynamic candidate. May be Mr. Kiran Jadhav is not well known to common man but that is not the criteria to reject him.


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