Know how many votes a candidate needs to save their deposit


According to  Section 158 of the Representation of the People Act,1951 a sum of  Rs.10,000/- in the case of an election from an Assembly Constituency. (The amount of deposit is half in the case of a candidate belonging to a scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe) is taken as a security deposit by the Election Commission.
And as per the above rules – “any candidate who gets less than 1/6th of the total votes polled will have his/her security deposit forfeited by the Commission.”

VOTING 2018 Total Voters 2018 Actual Votes Polled 2018 Minimum Votes required to avoid Deposit Forfeiture
Belagavi North 63.18% 234887 148402 24734 Votes
Belagavi South 61.57% 234509 144387 24065 Votes
Belagavi Rural 77.52% 238753 185081 30847 Votes

The votes will also include the Service Voters votes in which case the Actual Votes polled will increase but the number is not huge and hence the impact would be minimal.

So from the above table it is clear that for a candidate to save his deposit he must get minimum 24,734 votes in North, 24065 in South and 30,847 votes in Rural AC.

Deposit is refunded when –
Candidate was defeated but secured more than one-sixth of the total number of valid votes

polled in the constituency including the valid postal votes .N.B.

(i) The candidate must have polled more than one-sixth of the total valid votes polled in the constituency as a whole in order to be entitled to there fund.

(ii) If the candidate has polled exactly one-sixth of the number of valid votes polled, the

deposit will not be refunded.

(iii) If the candidate was elected, the deposit will be refunded even if he did not poll more

than one-sixth of the valid votes.

It would be interesting to see how many candidates will be able to save their deposits.


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  1. Security deposit for sc/st candidates is 50% for all the constituency or only for the reserved seat.
    Maximum expenditure for such candidates is also like General candidates or that is also less by 50%…


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