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Sambhaji Patil withdraws from election

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Yesterday evening sitting MLA of Belagavi South Sambhaji Patil issued a statement in Tilakwadi that he would be withdrawing from the elections and would ask voters of Belagavi North to vote for Balasaheb Kakatkar.

This time Patil had filled his candidature from North and yesterday he issued a statement that he would be supporting Kakatkar and all the Marathi voters must vote for Kakatkar in the North and Kiran Saynak in the south.

Sambhaji Patil - MES - Belgaum South

The MES has been a divided house as two factions claiming to be the official MES have fielded their candidates and each one saying they are the official MES, the voters are in a dilemma. Prakash Margale is also said to be official candidate of MES for South.

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