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Mother Son killed in accident near Globe

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In a very unfortunate accident near Globe Cinema Camp, a serving jawan and his mother were killed as their bike was hit by a tanker at around 11 AM on Monday.

The deceased have been identified as Padma Tarihalkar(54) and Jawan Parshram Taihalkar(26) resident of Karle. Parsharam was a jawan of Sashastra Seema Bal or SSB, (Armed Border Force) and he was here on a holiday to attend a marriage.

He had come to city to withdraw cash and while going to the bank their bike was hit by a oil tanker.

It may be recalled that a fortnight ago a woman was killed at the same spot near Globe.

4 thoughts on “Mother Son killed in accident near Globe”

  1. Sad to hear – RIP. The area around Globe theatre is a nasty killing road. I have seen people on two wheelers from SBI come on the wrong side of the road all along till the Globe junction to cross the road all the time.

  2. Don’t know why there is no speed limit in that area and no proper traffic control via police. There are bikes and care who also Cross roads quickly to go to the other side while there are cars and bikes coming in high speeds…. Sad stuff…. Even if we elect a candidate on 12th may and he wins then we don’t know what he will work or not? Coz development in belgaum is so slow. God knows when this country is going to improve

  3. very sad to read the death of tarihalkars due to accident . may there soul rest in peace.
    traffic rules have to be made strict. many times there are people driving in wrong side ,
    taking unneccesary u turns,some times people are suddenly crossing in front of speeding vehicle.
    just speed breakers wont do . it should be traffic police monitoring the ttraffic rules and should peantly for each offence done on traffic rules. it is just not helmet , the only rule for traffic police .
    it is also duty of each citizen to obey rules.

  4. Traffic police need to manage traffic in a professional way. Just going after helmets is not enough. Let them show courage to book errent autos, traffic rule breakers, trible riding, wrong side driving. Passive police and RTO are adding to the woes of traffic problems


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