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VVPAT to be used Assembly polls

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VVPATs (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail)will be used along with EVMs in all polling stations of all the 224 Assembly Constituencies of poll going state of Karnataka to enhance the transparency and credibility of the election. A comprehensive SVEEP programme has already been launched in Karnataka to increase voters’ awareness and education about the VVPATs.

Deputy Commissioner and District Electoral Officer S. Ziyaullah explained how the VVPAT works and the entire process.



After a voter presses the button on the EVM against the chosen candidate, the VVPAT prints a slip containing name of the candidate and the election symbol and drops it automatically into a sealed box. The machines give the chance for the voter to verify their vote. The machine is placed in a glass case in a way that only the voter can see it. The slip is displayed to the voter for seven seconds after which the VVPAT machine cuts it and drops in into the storage box with a beep. The machines can be accessed, though, by the polling officials and not by the voter.


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