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Why should you vote for – Anil Potdar from Belgaum south Congress

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Why should you Vote for – ? We Ask the candidates and they answer.

Under this category we will try and get answers from different contesting candidates as to their view for Belgaum and what they intend to do if elected. Here is another one –

 Anil M Potdar – Belgaum south – Indian National Congressanilpotdar1

Why should the electorate vote for your party?

Anil Potdar ——–> For the past 30 years I have been engaged in social work. I come from a well-educated family which has a strong political background and no legal issues or court cases against me.

Is there anything specific that you will contribute to the city of Belgaum, if or elected?

Anil Potdar ——–> BUDA (Belgaum Urban Development Authority)- As a chairman of BUDA I have provided justified services to the city. I want to create proper road planning, provide 24hrs water supply. I want to create awareness of solar energy among the people and use a greener form of energy.

I also intend to work on the proposed IT Park.

What has been your greatest contribution to Belgaum till date?

Anil Potdar ——–> I was the first person to implement Rain Water Harvesting in Belgaum and have also preserved many lakes in Belgaum. In Army Environment Park there were 62 trees, Now we have planted 3 lac trees, which has become a lung for our city and for the same I was nominated for vanamitra award.

As a chairman of BUDA, I did quality work with low budget, new pipelines and sites developed under my chairmanship. I have been a huge patron for disabled blind, deaf & dumb and physically challenged people. I have conducted annual mass marriages for the blind under the aegis of Ushatai Potdar charitable Trust.

I have also started a community & sports centre for the physically challenged and differently abled people. In 1990’s there was a huge strike between the Government and weavers, I provided free ration for more than 25,000 people.

This region has been relatively ignored as compared to south Karnataka, how will you change the trend?

Anil Potdar ——–> Nanjundappa committee funds were partly witnessed to devastate North Karnataka region, I will see to it that the remaining funds will be utilized effectively in the future.

Since my party, is ruling party in the centre, funds which were allotted to the Hyderabad-Karnataka region, I request that the same will be also given to Belgaum.

Since Belgaum is a second capital of Karnataka, I will compel the Honorable Chief Minister of the State, to allocate more funds to the development of Belgaum.

What qualities in you make you a special candidate?

Anil Potdar ——–> I was the spokesperson of Seva Dal national training camp. I know many languages and have good leadership qualities.

I believe “Administration is my birth right”. I am easily approachable, polite, humble, down to earth and frank with people of all communities and walks of life.

According to you are there some factors which would go against you?

Anil Potdar ——–> I don’t believe in bribing people, I don’t buy votes. I earn votes, I have contested twice, each time my well-wishers worked voluntarily, and my voters contributed money for petty expenses. During the present times, I may lose a small percentage of such voters.

Would you like to commit something to the electorate?

Anil Potdar ——–> I will make sure that common man’s work is easily implemented in all offices.

I will hold janta darshan once in a month and will implement all the plans which were discussed earlier.

I will see to it that roads and bridges, the electric grids and water supply that help our commerce and bring us together is developed.

I pledge to work along with you to make your farms flourish and let clean waters flow; to nourish starved bodies and feed hungry minds.

What are your plans for the young ages which are migrating to other cities like Bangalore, Pune etc?

Anil Potdar ——–> An IT Park has been identifies by my peers which consist of industrialist and senior politicians. I intend to work on it so that we may provide better facilities for the IT industry, which in turn provides jobs & opportunities for our people, so that younger generation will have better opportunities and can stay with their parents in the time of their needs, at their comfort, and as one happy family. My plan would be to bring more industries which are eco-friendly and green and at the same time give more scope for self employment.

What are your plans for protection of environment?

Anil Potdar ——–> I will harness solar and wind Power and the soil to run our factories and light up our lives. I have plans to use the garbage of our city, to produce electricity, with the help of modern technology. I have plans for encouraging and implementing Rain Water Harvesting in houses, public offices and wastelands.

What are your plans for beautification of Belgaum marketing of Belgaum to attract tourist, to increase local business etc?

Anil Potdar ——–> Belgaum is a place which has a rich & colorful history. We have many historical monuments which are completely ignored and are in the state of disgust.

I would like to beautify and restore the glory of these places, monuments and also pay a huge tribute to our freedom fighters, leaders and forefathers who have made our country free. Time and again these men and women have struggled and sacrificed and worked till their bodies were exhausted, so that we might live a better life.

I would like to beautify and bring back the glory to monuments like Yellurgad fort, Belgaum fort, deer park and many other places of historical interest, so that people from different places can revive the historical milestones and appreciate the struggles of our forefathers, along with beautification it is necessary to provide tourist with better infrastructure and facilities, connectivity so that their vacation will be pleasant and memorable one.

Belgaum is blessed with beautiful weather conditions, especially during the rains, the city comes alive, and I wish to make the most of it.

What are your thoughts on making the Meters compulsory for Autos?

Anil Potdar ——–> I think Meters should be made compulsory for Autos, but the meter charges should be fixed only when both the Auto drivers and general public come to an agreement.

Name:Anil M Potdar
Party:Indian National Congress
Education:B.Com Gogte college of Commerce 1983-84
Assets:Self: 66,05,585 spouse: 82,13,353
:Dependent 1:6416034 Dep 2:
:Immovable:3,27,09,683 Dependents: 1,44,00,000
ImmovableSelf acquired: inherited:
Liabilities:Self:3,60,000 husband: Depen:
PAN submitted:Yes
IT return:2012-13 Submitted Income shown: 76,38,121
Assets in 2008 as declared thenMovable Assets: Immovable Assets:


4 thoughts on “Why should you vote for – Anil Potdar from Belgaum south Congress”

  1. Dear Sir, Hearty congratulations and best wishes.
    I belong to a farmer family of your constituency.”Potdar” The name itself has the Royalty, reputation and trust. entire south part is witness for tht. we glad to have a representative like u.

    Dear sir, most the Belgaum south part is consist of farmers and they don’t have other option to live. It remains backward because of Bellary Nala and Lendy Nala. Its one of the major problem in south belgaum. former leaders have spoiled all Rs 3.9 crore. If you do something for these two nalas people will not forget you forever.
    It requires strong concrete (walls)borders and proper depth to drain the water.

    the second problem is Old Dharwad Raod. This road is exit and entry for belgaum city. This road is one of the main and oldest road. Because of this road belgaum is well known. Today this road is loosing its history and share of belgaum’s development, other roads are becoming 120 feet but this road, which was nation’s High-Way becoming 66 ft. why ??? I feel uncomfortable if visitors speak some nonsense abt belgaum city because of this road(yes the entire area is like a slum and dirty) if passers pass through this way they imagine the city’s quality.
    so i request you
    whatever plan is for Khanapur road plz apply for old dharwad road also.

    3rd major problem is, Power loom industry is in worst condition. plz help them.

    I request you to please help the region like vodagoan, Khasbag, Shahapur, Old belgaum, Angol, etc. this is very old part of the city n repeatedly neglected by City’s Administration. Being a second Capital here People are very poor and uneducated like a village.
    can you commit some good things for them?
    They have only one drawback, they are uneducated and very emotional. plz save them. they are very good at heart but only frustrated because of poverty.

    plz plz

    thanking you.

  2. sir,

    will you stop your goondaism business of evicting tenants?

    will you clarify how you bought the land at kudachi was it on commercial terms or by force?

    will you stop the land mafia in belgaum?

    Jai hind


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