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Atlast Meter Down in Autos

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By uday

The meters in the autos have at last come down but they themselves and the public express doubt over the system. Still many passengers I saw were ready to bargain first and then only sit. Some of the autos still don’t have the meter repaired as only one shop is there in Belgaum to repair the meter.
The drivers I spoke to told me that the present rate of Min.Rs.12 is not feasible as they willl have to spend Rs.500 for getting the meter repaired.
On the other when I spoke to commuters they told me that the present rates of Min.Rs. 12 and then Rs.6.50 per /km are very high. They said still minimum fare is OK but the per km rates are too high.
The success of the pre paid auto at the railway station is also not so so good. Commuters said we could bargain and sit and also accommodate 4 persons now only 3 can be accommodated. Also for example to go to Jadhav Nagar the used to take Rs.35 to Rs.40. But now the charge is Rs.63 see the difference.
Lets see till when this will continue.

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