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Attempt to kidnap 12 year old girl at Hindwadi foiled by brave girl

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Belagavi: Yesterday evening, at 6:39 pm, a brave 12-year-old girl successfully fought off a kidnapping attempt in front of Mahavir Garden in Hindwadi Belagavi. This incident has caused a great deal of concern in the area, prompting the police to launch an investigation into the matter. Thanks to the girl’s courage and a stroke of luck, she managed to escape from the clutches of her would-be abductor.

For the past two days, the girl had been unknowingly followed by an individual. On Tuesday evening, as she went to her class as usual, an individual forcefully lifted her onto his shoulders near the Gurudev Ranade temple, pretending that she was his daughter.

However, this time, the girl decided to resist. She scratched his cheek and neck, catching the attention of passers-by. Unfortunately, they dismissed the situation as a playful interaction between a father and daughter. Undeterred, the girl continued to scream, drawing the suspicion of a gardener in the nearby garden. The gardener chased after the kidnapper, causing him to abandon his plans and flee towards Subhash Market.

Attempt to kidnap 12 year old girl at Hindwadi Belagavi foiled by brave girl

Following the incident, concerned citizens gathered at the scene. The girl bravely recounted the harrowing experience, prompting immediate action from the Tilakwadi police. Throughout the night, the police diligently reviewed CCTV footage from the area, hoping to identify the suspect. Based on the footage, the kidnapper is believed to be a man between the ages of 40 and 45. As a result of this incident, an atmosphere of fear gripped the Hindwadi area.

It is worth noting that prior to the abduction attempt, the kidnapper had been lurking around the girl’s class, attempting to offer her chocolate. However, she wisely declined the offer, which likely foiled his initial plan.

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