Auto Associations oppose Fare by meter

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Jaya Karnataka Sangha(JKS) opposes the implementation of meters on passenger autos and requesting to postpone it temporarily. They say that minivans, tempos and private buses and carrying city passengers and because of that local passenger autowals are in loss... and police are heavily fining the passenger autos for not heaving meters,,,  if still govt proceeds further on implementation of meters we(JKS) will protest against this

This was anticipated and as the deadline of 15 July nears we will see more memorandums being given to the DC with regards to the postponement of the compulsion of meters. 

The Jay Karnataka Sangha(JKS) opposed the implementation of meters on passenger autos and requesting to postpone the implementation of this. The sangha gave a memorandum to the DC. The memorandum said that, minivans, tempos and private buses and carrying city passengers and because of that local passengers which is causing a loss to the Autos and police are imposing fines on Autos without meters. Even after this if the authorities dont stop this implementation then they would intensify their protest.

According to the Auto association about 6000 autos are on the roads of Belgaum(no exact figure is available nor the RTO is releasing exact data with it. Also it is seen that many new autos are plying on the roads without permit and also a Temporary registration.
The district authorities this time have atleast gone forward upto declaring a tariff to which the auto associations have not agreed to. Protests such as the one mentioned above would increase by the day and the same old problems like bad roads, hike in gas prices, tempos and mini vans etc would be put forth and at the last the political intervention could hamper this implementation for which each Belgaumite has been dreaming since ages.

We also believe that the RTO release the following data so that people of Belgaum actually know how many autos are on the roads. How many permits have been issued? Hoe many renewals have been made? Also the authorities should make it compulsory for the drivers’ information to be published on back of the Drivers seat as is done in Bangalore. People want to call Belgaum the second capital but implementation of basic information which is done in the Bangalore must be followed.

Hope this time we citizens who have this right to pay the auto fare by meter is implemented, but the past history is not so optimistic.

So currently if this is implemented the prices would be as follows:

First 2 kms – Rs. 20 Minimum fare

Above 2 Kms – Rs. 9 per km.

Auto Fares else where:
Bangalore: Minimum fare: Rs.20 for 1.8 Kms and Rs.11/km after that

Mumbai: Minimum fare: Rs.15 for 1.5 Kms and Rs.10/km after that

Pune: Minimum fare: Rs.11 for 1 Km and Rs.10/km after that

Mysore: Minimum fare: Rs.20 for 2 Kms and Rs.10/km after that


3 thoughts on “Auto Associations oppose Fare by meter”

  1. They say no business, but then why are so many autos being added day after day?

    Bad roads, hiked up gas fuel price is something a common man is also suffering from, we cannot quote these things as a reason for not complying to law.

    Its very easy for us to state that “Lets boycot Auto usage” in reality it is not practical.

  2. Belgaum has better roads compared to Bangalore or Mumbai and hence they need not crib. Police here are the best and there is no corruption as such for autos. The autos are supported by politicians for vote bank and hence they have the confidence that meter will not be enforced. Admin should be strong and enforce it

  3. Sharing an Auto from Piranwadi to KLE HOSPITAL.
    like Gulbarga pattern.


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