Auto Driver says Meter Chalu Nahi hai – Video

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Hear it from the Auto Driver at Ramdev..
He says Meter Calu nahi hai Belgaum mine.

Asks for Rs.250 from Ramdev to Majgaon. Also says the Pre paid auto booth is closed.

4 thoughts on “Auto Driver says Meter Chalu Nahi hai – Video”

  1. to teach a to lesson to these auto fellows .. make private buses which run to all the parts of the city.. not big buses but mini buses .. we cant bow to these people.. one way to teach them a lesson is to stop using their services and make a request to KSRTC to make a frequent buses ,,

  2. Another very good option is Radio cabs which is running in Belgaum (Ola), if you are 4 persons or more, and you do not want to face the autowallas, simply call the Radio cabs, check out; they really have good service.

  3. You can think why they are not interested to strict on meter issue. they will be strict to catching two wheeler but dont have guts or dont want to be. kuch gandh aata hai isme that why these people is not interested only doing drama to catch the rickshaw. If this officers have brain they should give permission to taxi in Belgaum. Every IPS have brain, think so.


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