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Auto drivers demand more time for meter repairs in Belgaum

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It is a dream of every Belgaumite to pay the Auto fare by Meter, but it seems we need to wait for some more time as the Auto unions are giving memorandums each day asking for more time. Today one more association Rajya Dalit Sanghrash Samiti demanded 6 months time to get the meters repaired. They said they are not against the meter implementation but they need time to install the digital meters and get the old ones repaired and that there are very few technicians available. They also demanded that mini vans and other Vadaps don’t ply within the 16 kms range.

Even in the past week various associations have demanded more time sighting various reasons and the district administration is also not in any commanding mood to get the same implemented it looks like.
The RTO and district administration must look into this and get the same implemented intermediately.

It is high time that District authorities implement this as the citizens feel this is nothing but a time consuming gimmick. Suppose even if time is given the same thing will happen after 6 months and the story would continue.



2 thoughts on “Auto drivers demand more time for meter repairs in Belgaum”

  1. Show no leniency or consideration at all!

    Enough is Enough!!!

    These Union’s backed by political parties must understand the fact of the matter. What if their families are fleeced by their own men. The auto drivers are a group that need to understand that the world over fares are paid by meter. It was long due and hope all citizens will unite to give a memorandum to the DC for implementation of fare by meter.

    There may be few drivers who feel, they may lose on extra rupees that were coming easily, but I’m sure with the PAY BY METER RULE auto drivers and ownners stand to gain as there will be more takers.

    Hope the decision to PAY BY METER is implemented.

  2. Why more time now. Din’t they know that they were supposed to be ready to follow the rule from today. Why are they so reluctant to obey and follow the rule. And above all what is the RTO doing.


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