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Auto Drivers misbehave with citizens they to fight it hard at Belagavi Station

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Well fighting with auto drivers by commuters is a well known fact to the commuters but on Tuesday a citizen fought hard with the auto driver and we all must appreciate his valor.

The auto driver asked double the fare than normal as per the citizen and this where the brawl started and even they indulged in a physical fight.

The auto driver said
Aap hotel mein jate ho udhar khate udhar kya meter se deto ho, Hospital mein jate ho udhar kya meter se deto ho, Udhar deto to humne kyon nahi dete

The commuter said he was not new to Belagavi and knew how these auto drivers loot, but when he asked double the normal fare he could not control.

Auto driver attacked the passengers which is a very bad sign and this needs to be stopped, is this GUNDA Raaj.


He had first approached the pre paid auto booth at the Belagavi railway station which is a monument of sorts, just awaiting a declaration from the Archaeological survey of India.

The police never acts on the auto drivers not sure why, they do a facial make up after the issue rakes up for a day and thats it no change.

The arrogance of the Auto drivers is so much one day they might even put a knife and ask the fare a person said on Social media.

Note of Caution: Always be careful when indulging in such spats with the Auto drivers as they are united and earlier occasions as well they have attacked the commuters in a group.
And this is high time the Police look into this seriously or they always need an order from a Honourable to Judge of the court to act upon.

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  1. I firmly believe police will not take any action unless and until court gets involved and directs police to act upon the way last time they instructed police to run a campaign for traffic violation. May be our Belgaum police needs a driving factor by court. I strongly believe in our Belgaum commissioner office they will act and come up with a plan to curb this issue. Let all belgaumites have some patience as this can’t be changed overnight.

  2. Belgaum police can act on auto drivers, but all I that they need orders from local Politicians specially from our MLA, If police is given order to punish the culprits, then my belief is that crime will get reduced in our belgaum city.


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