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Auto Drivers say Present rate not feasible

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By uday

The Auto drivers yesterday in a meeting decided to oppose the digital meter and the current price per km as decided by the Authorities.
They demanded that if they had to take fare by meter the minimum charge should be Rs.15 and then Rs.10 per km. At the moment the min. fare is Rs.12 and Rs.6.5 per km. later on.
They also demanded that all the pvt buses and state buses don’t stop anywhere in the city except the bus stand. Now that the Pvt buses leave from Tilakwadi etc, they oppose that.
Hey people are these auto drivers gone crazy. Well I may be wrong but can anybody tell me what the min fare and then the per km charge in Bangalore to begin with. In fact i say the present rate of 6.5 per km is very high and now they demand Rs.10…..
Do these 5500+ auto drivers in Belgaum think that the govt cant do anything to them, that’s the Truth in fact. Previous attempts of getting the meter for the fare has never been successful at all and this time also I suppose this i s what will happen. But i say why only in Belgaum aren’t the rules the same for all. If the same is applied in Bangalore then why not in Belgaum.
I say you charge but see that it is FARE. Belgaumites throw some light on this topic this is the most important topic for all of us as everyday you come ac cross this thing.

2 thoughts on “Auto Drivers say Present rate not feasible”

  1. Absolutely true the auto drivers inBelgaums are biggest cheats , even in Pune and Kolhapur the auto fares are far less and besides Belgaum is already lacking proper public transport thanks for KSRTC (now the Shit NEKRTC) or else Belgaum should have private bus service or Muncipal transport whcih would earn some good revenue , let us really teach these cheats some lesson


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