Pre paid Autos Start: Releif ;But till when

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By uday

The much awaited Pre paid autos have e started from yesterday from the Belgaum Railway Station.But on the very first day itself some of the Auto drivers refused to go on the fixed price and at last the police forced them to take the passengers. I hope the police takes care of this everyday.

1 thought on “Pre paid Autos Start: Releif ;But till when”

  1. For years the Auto’s have always been exploiting passengers and even visitors are not spared.

    It is time the RTO gets involved and licences be revoked or renewals denied unless they abide by the established fares. It is only such strong arm that will work.

    As Petrol prices are standardised rates applicable in the state should be the bench mark. If they are looking at higher rates ! what condition their autos are in , badly maintained so where is the value !!!

    I think this could start the discussion…


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