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Auto Fare by meter is a FARCE


After the recent fare hike in Auto charges by the district administration citizens felt that now atleast we would see the meter go down and pay according to the meter. But sadly not even 10% of the auto drivers are charging as per meter.

Symbolic Belgaum Auto: No Uniform No Meter

The police on a daily basis are checking autos and putting a fine but still the arrogance is not gone. Meter chalu nahi hai, Itna Padega, Ja ke DC ko bolo are heard even now.


Here the commuters pay a very important role, each one must ask the auto driver to down the meter if he denies take a photo and tell him I am making a complaint and see if someone else is ready to come by meter.
If u dont ask you wont get is the current days funda.

With no official helpline number released you can dial 100 and raise a complaint.



  1. Why cant the police (both men and women police staff) in civil dress code (like villagers) investigate this issue.

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