Auto ka Meter down karo- DC N Jayram

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At the periodic RTA meet, where the who’s who of the city administration take part, DC N Jayaram again made his stand clear that Auto Rikshaw’s must charge fare according to meter. He asked the RTO and police to look into the matter and see that each auto has a digital meter installed. autopetetion

There are about 5500+ autos in the city many of them even without permits. Currently the fare is Rs. 20 for 2 kms and then Rs.9 per KM. (revised on August 1, 2013)

With the reduction in fuel prices the same price is suitable and will continue he added. RTO and police have been asked to seize autos which dont have valid permits.

A few of the Auto associations who were present on the occasion pressed their demand to stop the Maxi cab within the city.
Commissioner of Police S Ravi said the Police would co-operate with the RTO to implement the fare by meter for Autos.

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  1. Belgaum Auto tariff is economical when compared with Mumbai provided Autos in Belgaum charge as per the meter tariff.
    (i) Minimum Mumbai Auto Rickshaw Fare is Rs 17.00 for the first 1.6 Kms
    (ii) Auto Fare for every additional Km is Rs 11.33 per Km (rounded to nearest Rupee)
    (iii) After 1.0, Meter Reading of 0.1 is equal to 200 meters or 0.20 Km
    (iv) Night Charge is applicable from 12:00 midnight to 5:00 am and is 25% of “Regular” Daytime rate
    (V) Luggage Charge of Rs 3.00 for bags greater than 60 X 40 cm (handbag, briefcase, etc, no charge)

    • @Deepak

      Is there any transparency in auto fare amount? I strongly support meter system fare in BGM. Atleast people won’t get exploit.

      Bargaining system should stop.


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