Autos seized in a joint drive by RTO and Traffic police

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This may come as a surprise to many, but yes the RTO and the Traffic police in a joint action have seized around 100 Auto rikshaws today for various lapses and violations.

The police are always seen catching hold of bike rider without a helmet but never hear to the cries of the commuters who travel by an Auto.

No meter, excess seating, no permits and sometimes even the drivers don’t a valid driving license.

Today morning the action was taken at various circles such as Sanchayani circle, Sangolli Rayanna Circle, Ashoka Circle, and all the documents were checked and verified.

A few were fined on the spot and other autos were seized.

The citizens hope that the administration will try to implement the meter rule.

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11 thoughts on “Autos seized in a joint drive by RTO and Traffic police”

  1. Hope this is not a temporary drama by the authorities& hopefully continues till the auto drivers are continously monitored

  2. It only shows that there is no respect for laws. This needs to be studied further to understand the problems faced by Auto Owners, why they are reluctant to use the Metre. Government authorities and elected Representatives should look into the issues and make sure neither Citizen nor Auto Owners/ Drivers are inconvenienced.

  3. I hope similar actions are taken across professions especially in the field of education and medicine fields which are considered as noble professions.
    Prices in these fields have skyrocketed and there is no hue and cry about it, hoping we as a society look towards it as well…

  4. A good job but continuous process one thing I wish to add here the harassment to Family visitors from Goa passing vehicle’s
    Near 1,2,3 gate who come for shopping Medical treatment are always made target
    Families should be spared ultimately it will result to loss of businesses and revenue exchequer to belagumites police do their duty well hats off to them
    Presently for 3 years the Congress Rd congestion pollution and bad traffic sence of youngsters.

  5. They should even work on giving notice to this rickshaw gang who park illegally near near corners of any galli or colony.. around 5-6 rickshaws have made their own rickshaw stand near my area and when complained to corporator they got excuses and they don’t help… Such a kind of governance going on in India..

  6. Excess seating is a big prroblems in Mysore road near sisrsi Circle, also I can see most of the drivers are under ageed and with modified enormous amount of sounds from the silencers… please look into this matter.

  7. Respected Traffic police their are so many auto in MS PALYA AREA which are driven by children below 18 & 15. I have not seen any traffic police catching the auto in this area. No has shown that courage.
    Pls do take action even in this area

  8. Laudable Action by the police and RTO. Need to be consistent in these activities to bring discipline to the auto wallas, otherwise one off instances will not impact them as they will retort to old ways.

  9. Even they don’t bother the traffic signals. They don’t even care about the people walking,
    However the local corrupt corporate MLA will release them especially near khade bazar,maruti galli , market police station, however due to congress the autowalas are least bother.


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