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Rain, strong winds uproot trees; power supply hit

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Strong winds lashed the city with heavy rains in some parts of the city. Strong winds brought down trees in various parts of Belagavi.

The power supply was also disrupted at a couple of places due to broken power lines.


In Adarsh Nagar 3rd cross a tree uprooted and the entire electric poles of the street were uprooted.

In Bhagya Nagar 3 rd cross a branch fell on a Car which damaged its windshield.

A branch also fell near the Govt Polytechnic.

A few compound walls have also been damaged due to the uprooting of trees.

HESCOM was into action and cleared a few trees and restored power supply in some places.

Rain, strong winds uproot trees; power supply hitRain, strong winds uproot trees; power supply hitRain, strong winds uproot trees; power supply hit

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1 thought on “Rain, strong winds uproot trees; power supply hit”

  1. Sad to see the damage to property and danger to life.

    This should open the yes of the Municipal Authorities and trees should be given enough breathing space.

    Drains should be cleared before April to ensure smooth flow of Rain water .

    Rain water harvest should be encouraged in right earnest.


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