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Autos without permit and meter will be seized

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DC N Jayram and Commissioner of Police said may what come Autos without meters and permits will be seized. Today a meeting was held of the District administration and Auto Rickshaw Drivers and Owners Association after they protested yesterday. DC N Jayram and CoP S Ravi categorically stated that those auto rickshaws plying on city roads without permit or digital meters will not be spared and would be seized as per the provisions of law.

The members of the Auto association complained that they were being harassed for no reason. Police had provided enough time for the rickshaw drivers to update with all the legal requirements of their vehicle, before getting in action.

The commissioner of police said go and see the facebook page and see the heap of complaints about Autos. Taking a stand in favour of Auto Assocation, Belagavi North MLA Feroz Sait that rather than taking a harsh stand, let police warn those rickshaw drivers this time and release those vehicles. Do not slap heavy fines to those rickshaw drivers, MLA Said.

8 thoughts on “Autos without permit and meter will be seized”

  1. First time the DC and the Police are doing the right thing by trying to maintain law. And these Auto fellows need to learn a lesson. This should continue till there is complete meter rule implemented. Still they are not charging by Meter. Any way Good Job DC Sir and Cop. S Ravi. Please keep up the good work going.

  2. Don’t listen to political people who think only of their votes and not allow law of the land to exist. Auto fellows should be shown no sympathy as they are looting people of Belgaum. The Govt. Officials should not come into pressure by these MLAs but go on doing their best to bring meter in Belgaum

  3. please dont listen to these politicians. they never go in autos . so they dont understand the pain of people hiring autos. most of these auto drivers are goondaas. they support these politicians during election to threaten the people to vote for them. please take a strict action against these autowalas. they think they are earning by working hard. but actually its not the case. i feel very painful to write this that our own people are objecting this. dear MLA sir, please dont think that only these autowalas voted you. majority of the people voted for you are common people who struggle a lot daily to use autos. and these autowalas are harrassing us. i’ve many examples to support this. please put heavy fine on them. these autowalas behave so badly that we feel that we elected all wrong leaders. to see their harrassment you should visit bus stand and railway station. police should go these autos in disguise and those autodrivers misbehaving should be punished then and there itself

  4. Every time its worst experience when I arrived in BGM. No more mercy now. Its time to take strict action against autowalas. Already they got sufficient time why still giving concession & time. I dont know why MLA firoz seth showing so much sympathy on auto. Is it auto drivers giving commission or relatives of MLA. Enough is enough. Ab to auto walo ko sabak sikha do.

  5. Too much talk by all but too little change on the ground. Harassment by autos still taking place all over. Simple measures like functional pre-paid autos at bus stands and railway station can help. Also what stops cops from random checking and on the spot fines for not running on meters ?

    Please let us have some real change instead of promises, big talk, dreams and infinite meetings on the same issue.

  6. Police and local Goverment start sting operation in civil clothes by aksing the auto to come on meter charge and you will see the heat, pain and how they harrass you when you are with your family asking for Auto person to come to destination on meter. specially near central bustand auto stands, Ramdev auto stand. THESE AUTO DRIVERS ARE SUPPORTED BY OUR GREAT LOCAL POLITICIANS.

  7. Do we have a instant helpline that when an auto person denies to go on meter we can complain on them and get immediate response from the authorities .


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