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Avoid following roads on Saturday due to Modi Visit

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The commissioner of police in a press note has asked the citizens to make use of alternative roads as the below mentioned roads will have VIP movement and also huge influx of travelers from other cities who plan to go for Prime Minister’s Rally on Savagaon road.
Citizens are advised to avoid the below roads and look for alternative roads on Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM –

Shankam Hotel, Gandhi nagar road, Nityanand Circle, Ashoka Circle, Chennamma Circle, College road, Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle, Gogte Circle, Nanawadi Crosds, Congress road, Old PB road, Nath Pai Circle, Shukurwar Peth, First Railway Gate and Guru Prasad Colony.

6 thoughts on “Avoid following roads on Saturday due to Modi Visit”

  1. Its better to declare a HOLIDAY rather than asking for alternate roads.
    With the above roads mentioned, Which important roads are left out in the City.
    Almost all are covered.
    Cant they organize such events in an open area near the Airport which can be easily accessed by Farmers???
    Anyway I hope all the Poor farmers get access instead of restricting them here & there.

    • Exactly correct
      politician are for comman people
      peoples are not for politicians
      put rally outside airport no disturbance is occured
      still it can be changed if anyone bothers thousands of hindustanis in belgaum

  2. Declare holiday. Because there is main roads how to we go for office. . if someone want to go college road then..
    Better to declare holiday

    • declare holiday
      so that all government employees can enjoy
      spending their bribed money because they get only one sunday to spend those 50000 to 60000
      bribery every day
      even chaprasi takes 1200 to 1500 per day including saturday
      please let them spend they dont have place to keep these money
      declare holiay

  3. Why City administration and ministers ask us to use alternative roads, why cant the city infrastructure be developed. As going forward belgaum is going to see lot of political / Investment / Entertainment meets and celebration.

  4. one should understand hon PM Narendra Modi is a prime minister of our great country India.The man works 16hrs a day,not taken a single holiday.Nothing wrong if the administration makes such arrangements for his visit.moment of pride feeling for belgaimites.But yes,the suggestion of declaring holiday makes sense.


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