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Ceylon cat snake rescued from apartment

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Ceylon cat snake(Boiga ceylonensis) is an endangered species was rescued by Snake rescue Anand Chitti from an Apartment in Tilakwadi recently. The snake was handed over to the forest department who inturn released the snake into the forest.

Anand Chitti with the Ceylon cat snake in Belagavi
Anand Chitti with the Ceylon cat snake in Belagavi

Chitti rescued the reptile, which is stated to be commonly found in the Western Ghats but now reduced to an endangered species, thanks to incorrect identification for the venomous pit viper.
The Ceylon cat snake has neurotoxin venom which affects the human nervous system. The snake is mainly found in the Western Ghats mainly in evergreen and mixed deciduous forests. Found in dense vegetation including bushes and trees of hills. Choose tree holes, dense bushes, rocks for roosting and hiding.

The snake is shy, elusive and usually calm. On threatening throws half of fore body into loops with head on the top, sometimes jerk or flicker its tail also which is followed by mock attacks to keep distance with threatening object or animal.

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