Awaiting a Disaster at the Railway crossing


railway crossing belgaum
Rajesh Kolekar shared this image of the Bhandur Galli Railway crossing in which one can see people have come near to the railway line even after the gate being closed for a train to pass. 

Our MP’s MLAs have no time in solving this issue and the people also are awaiting a Disaster.


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  1. wat is rong wit bgm people n common sense, none of dem use common sense while crossing a railway gate, i mean y such a psychopathic attitude wen u know ur rong moves can cause hell lot disturbance to the opposite vehicles…everyone is in a rush…n its a humble request, i know it doesnt get into anyones junked brains, but stop honking at railway crossings…if u dont have patience den start using helicopters…

  2. I voice second to Mr. Ravindra N. Shantagiri.. MLA/MP’s doesn’t need to do anything with this sort of personal behavior of citizens.. it is the situation with all the city bound railway crossings.. Long ago when Railways tried to put up chain link suspension below gates.. but more enforcing options need to be opted by Railways to save these psycho people..!

  3. I fail to understand what MLAs/MPs can do anything about this as long as the citizens themselves are not behaving responsibly. In the photo I can see a lady doctor also on a bike very close to the tracks. If such highly qualified people behave irresponsibly, then what can one expect from a common citizen? If people are responsible and follow rules properly, such sights will be history. To save about 5 minutes or so, they are taking their life to the death’s door. Like cattle we want to rush…., rush where? To your death? This is suicidal. I fail to understand why we try to look on someone to come and help us out, when we can help ourselves. It is the general public who have to wake up and realise their mistake and mend themselves.

    • Thats right Mr.Ravindra,,i agree with u,,sometimes common sense is required by ourselves rather than expecting it by others,,


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