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Ayush Tammannavar makes an Alarm which goes off when Dustbin is full

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Ayush Tammannavar’s from KV school No.2 of Belagavi has made this model Alarm to avoid over flowing of waste from the bins inspired by Narendra Modi’s Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

The alarm is based on a laser which sounds Alarm, when the garbage or dustbin fills up and thus prevents its overflow.
The dustbin which can be identified in the central control room will get an alert which can then be emptied by the Corporation staff.

This unique model also promises to save the time of the corporation and also littering and overflowing near the bins can be avoided.

He recently made a demonstration of his model before the Union Minister for Skill Development, Govt of India Shri Rajeev Prasad Rudy in New Delhi where he was accompanied by MP Suresh Angadi and his Parents. The minster praised the little lad for his unique idea.

ayushAyush has already made demonstrations about his model to the DRDO Bengaluru, City corporation and also the MD of Belagavi Smart city ltd.

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  1. I congratulate the parents who allowed their kid to do what he loves, parents like you help not only shape the heroes of tomorrow but also shape the society of today.

    Fantastic approach Ayush, never leave this spark 🙂


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