Baccha Club Library by the kids, for the kids

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A library was started in 2018 with the aim to inculcate the habit if reading amongst the children and especially the underprivileged.

Dinesh Kolhapure encouraged his son Om Kolhapure and seeded this idea and now has a collection of books from diverse topics such as history, geography, science, maths, general knowledge and others.

Om started this Baccha Club Library in Tilakwadi and now has turned into a boon during the pandemic times.

During the pandemic when all were locked up in their homes this library was open for the kids who took the books and spent good time reading them.

Seeing the good work social activist Santosh Darekar and his Facebook friends circle donated 150 books to the library. Ashish Subhedar has donated 60 books to the library.

baccha library

Now the Library has more than 300 books and in times, when children are hooked to the mobiles here are a few who have taken up reading.

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  1. Sir, It was nice to hear about the Bacchha Liberary. But you have not given the address where exactly this Library is sitated. So that, some more people can come forward to donate the books for the benefit of children. During this modern era, children are glued to the mobile and rediation also causes the health hazard at a later date. Instead, this is an excellent idea that, children can develop the reading habits and gain the knowledge too. PLEASE PUBLISH THE ADDRESS.

  2. W-O-W !! Nice to see that reading habit is inculcated in the tiny tots by the opening of the Bachha (Childrens’) Library for now, in Tilakwadi-Belagavi. The need is to open more such reading rooms in other places in this city for the convenience of small enthusiastic children


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