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Ban on meat shops around Sambra airport

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To avoid any airplane mishap due to bird hit, the Belagavi administration has imposed a ban on running meat shops, slaughterhouses within 10 kilometer of the Sambra Belagavi Airport.

The ban has been imposed under the Aircraft act 1934 sec 59(2)(qq) and if the order is not followed one can be imprisoned for 3 years and fine of 10 lakhs can be imposed.

The airport director had written to the administration that due to these meat shops, the risk of bird hit had multiplied.

Rule 91 of the Aircraft Act of clearly “prohibits slaughtering and flaying of animals, depositing rubbish and other polluted or obnoxious matter within a radius of 10 km from the aerodrome reference point.”

sambra-new airport terminalDirector-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had also sent a letter (AV 15023/1/2009-AS (Nbcc) in November 2009 to all state government and Union territories, asking them to take necessary action under Rule 91 of Aircraft Act for control of incidents of bird hits.

The Tahsildar has issued notices to all meat shops in Sambra, Mutaga, Nilaji, Belkundri, Pant Balekundri, Modaga, Sulebhavi, Marihal, Kardiguddi Gram panchayats.

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  1. If no selfish means r behind this then it can be done but provide the daily bread to these people n they’re family must not be taken away instead provider then shops 10km away such that the earn their living. Even have alternatives as in future their must come in large planes in future may connect to international destinations. Plan such that none of the individuals living is untouched


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