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HESCOM payment not going through Gpay,PhonePe, Paytm

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HESCOM has issued a release stating that the bill payments made by consumers using mobile apps such as Google pay, PhonPe, Paytm are not going through for the months of August and September 2019.

The amount is deducted for the consumer but the amount is not getting credited to the HESCOM account and the transaction is getting rejected by the Apps after 4 days and then later a refund is initiated to the consumer.

Hence HESCOM has requested the consumers to pay using their website (requires registration) (payment can be done without registration)

HESCOM online bill payment belgaumMany consumers who have paid their bills using the apps may be put in Disconnections list as the bill is not yet paid.
Hence all those who have paid in August are requested to check their account and make the payments to avoid disconnections.

On the HESCOM site they do charge a convenience fee but there is a way about by using your Debit card and making a payment less than 2000.

Convenience Fee that will be charged to you for the above Transaction

Credit Card (Visa/Master) :

1:00% of the transaction amount + applicable Total GST

Debit Card :

NIL Charges – for transaction amount Rs 0.00 to Rs 2000.00

0.90% of the transaction amount + applicable Total GST – for transaction amount Rs 2000.01 and above

Internet Banking :

Rs. 5.00 per transaction + applicable Total GST

It also charges .25%

Please note that the based on the payment method used by you, the total amount that will be charged to your bank/card account will be the bill amount plus the applicable Convenience Fee as shown above.

5 thoughts on “HESCOM payment not going through Gpay,PhonePe, Paytm”

  1. In Bangalore and Mysore everything works correctly and in other parts of the state we always have a problem.

    The problem in belgaum is people don’t speakup {they never ask why to any Govt officials},
    but our city is very much popular in pelting stones 🙂
    when things are not working our local media hardly bring these topic to public attention and they are closed in media office.
    When the issue is reported in media, Media job is also to report the name of the Person with his designation and address as these are all the responsible person for which the system of payment is not working.


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