Bandh gets mixed response

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The BJP Bandh call has got a mixed response. No doubt all commercial establishments are closed but they were forced to this at many places the people allege. The bandh call was made by the BJP after the Governor gave sanction to Prosecute the CM. A case was filed in the same regards under IPC & prevention of corruption Act.

6 buses and 4 cars were damaged.

IMG 1819
An empty City bus stand
IMG 1820
MP Kore gave a memorandum to DC
Belgaum Bandh1
NH4 was blocked
Belgaum Bandh6 bus Damage
6 buses were damaged


BJP protesters tried to shut business forcefully

City buses and inter city buses are not plying which is causing a lot of hardships. As it was Saturday the weekly bazar day many people from the villages had come to the city early morning but were placed no where as they had no means to go back.

Autos are plying though in a small number. All schools and colleges are closed and the VTU examination’s which were to be held today have been postponed as per the circular on tehir website.

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  1. You can some poor people trying to feed their familys,and this bullshit BJP people are forcing them to shut down their shop.Unbelivable………..

  2. Just to save his chair the CM is causing so much hardship to the poor. I one video clip shown on a TV channel, BJP workers were throwing glass containers, vegetables, eggs etc to ground and forcing him close the petty shop. What will happen to his family? Will they sleep empty stomachs? Democracy also means respecting others rights.

    • you are right,

      But can’t help in this dirty dogs politics, even the people who votes they won’t vote to right person, and the right voters will not vote itself,


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