Bangalore gangster kills cop, flees from custody

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45-year-old Nagendra Madhumohan Reddy, a gangster facing five murder charges — three in Bangalore and one each in Secunderabad and Hyderabad — escaped after killing constable Chandrakant Shankar Kamble (32) attached to District Armed Reserve Force, Belgaum. He has escaped from the Bangalore jail thrice.

Nagendra Madhumohan Reddy
Nagendra Madhumohan Reddy




A person, believed to be from Hyderabad, had met Reddy on Saturday evening. The clothes which Reddy wore while escaping and the knife used in the attack are said to have been brought by the unidentified person.

Reddy decided to attack Kamble after noticing that he was alone — the other two constables had gone for lunch. Reddy stabbed Kamble five times in the abdomen and chest.

Chandrakant Shankar Kamble
Chandrakant Shankar Kamble

After stabbing Kamble, Reddy changed his clothes, took the key which was with Kamble, unlocked the door and escaped.

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