Collective effort to develop IT & ITeS in Belgaum

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A thought came to my mind vis-à-vis the IT sector in Belgaum. Something collectively should be and can be done by all the IT companies located in Belgaum when they collaborate on a single platform. I don’t know how many IT or BPO or ITeS companies exist in Belgaum but we could attempt to get all these on a single platform which would contain data of all the companies, job vaccines etc and it would benefit the IT companies as well as people seeking jobs and who want to get more info on starting up IT companies in Belgaum.

There are web designers and other small startups working from a home office setup which might be included in this by which they could get exposure. Even today many people go to Bangalore or Pune to get a website designed for a company located in Belgaum, a simple thing but people aren’t aware of it in town.

AAB [] would be devoted to share information on this.

The same is the case with the IT start ups like,
Spundhan, eth1 network solutions, leading minds to name a few I know of. BPOs like BTPi info, Gurukul scribe and Katwa
infotech and others may perhaps come together and spread awareness
about the presence of IT and ITeS companies in Belgaum.

This is just a thought and I have nothing concrete in my mind. People in this field could throw additional light on this.

All the IT & ITeS companies located in Belgaum or companies interested in setting up shop here please post a comment as to what do you think about this.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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  1. This is an excellent idea and eth1 Network Solutions would love to contribute and be a part of it. In short, we’re game !

    What can be done is a new section can be created at where each IT company from Belgaum have vacancies provides the necessary information about their requirements. You could then post the same on the website which will definitely help engineers/graduates from Belgaum who are looking for job prospects.


    Each IT company in Belgaum has a separate page on your website detailing their profile and what they do in the IT sector. Along with this the company provides you with job vacancies in their company. This way a candidate looking for a job in a specific domain is very well imparted with knowledge about the company he/she is going to apply for. Plus it creates awareness of the company amongst students and future engineers right from the start of their careers. This is a very small but important thing. To grow and nurture a startup takes a lot of things, but if can collaborate and get the resources right from Belgaum that would be simply awesome !

    Let me know how this sounds to you.

    I currently have 3 requirements immediately in my company. Let me know if you’d like to check and go through them.

    On a final note, I appreciate the work you have been doing, keep it going dude !

    Cheers !

    Swapneel Patnekar
    eth1 Network Solutions
    us : (716) 941-7526
    uk: (0161) 408 5776
    Mobile : +91 98866 37820
    Google : [email protected]

  2. I have been wanting to meet up with all the BGM based IT and related companies face to face. While the grand agenda might shape up in times to come I believe meeting face to face understanding each other should be a starting point. I am willing to share efforts involved for making this happen.


  3. Hi

    Even i love to come back to Belgaum n work in my home town, most of the people who left belgaum are working in bangalore n pune, if just some peopple among these come back n join there hands then we can collectively do something, as i recently visited desur i found a new land allotment and a blueprint of the same for IT industry. i hope we can get some government support too.

  4. Good Morning! Belgaumites.

    This is a very good initiative to startup & define the road map for the IT sector in Belgaum. I belive this will bring some +ve developments in this field.
    I also suggest the education institutes to be involved in this task to make it more robust.Good Luck.


  5. am prashantmaruti Belgaonkar iam from belgaum presently in Newyork USA, i have plans to start up my software and BPO in belgaum down the line 2 years, i think belgaum is prefered place for new startups cos it has all the resources required by any IT,ITES startups, i think there sgould be a committe to get together all the IT ITES in belgaum, form 1 group n get all these shifted to 1 place somewhat like sez or IT park it may be started as a small time but we have to initiate to attract other big names to involve in this place.

    i think iam too small by my experience and age to speak much on this i would like to read much on such topic or discussion or article abt IT IN BELGAUM.

    Thank you
    [email protected]

  6. Its an nice idea to bring together the people in IT field. We would like to join hands.

    It is our pleasure to do something for Belgaum IT. Please intimate us the further happenings.
    Managing Director
    dotCORD IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  7. Hi,

    I am a Senior Banker with rich experience in Banking, Finance and, IT Domains and am currently working for a leading US-Based multinational IT Company in Mumbai. I am from Belgaum and would love to live there and contribute my mite towards making Belgaum a beehive of IT activity. I visit Belgaum often and would love to be part of any activity that plans to take this initiative further. Please free to call me on 9819968100 . Mail: [email protected]


  8. I’m all for it. Heres what I suggest:

    We could start it all with a informal meeting. We could all catch up for coffee / snack at a joint in Belgaum and discuss technology giggs / emerging concepts / every days issues et al. Further, get gelled with each other by exchanging informal introductions. This should get us started.

    More will follow once we start meeting. What say?

    Leading Minds

  9. The response this post has been good.
    Certainly something should be done all working in the IT field.
    If by mistake anyone from the engineering colleges(Belgaum) is reading this kindly come forward and post a comment.


  10. Thrilling to see the ball rolling here.

    I would very much be interested in meeting up with fellow denizens of Belgaum – IT.

    I have a suggestion. This site already supports forums. If Uday (Admin?) can create a new forum called, for example, Belgaum IT, we could all join and schedule a meet-up.

  11. Good idea. Thanks to the author for starting this. Meeting in person is not a bad idea. However, with the pace at which we all work, I think it would be difficult to get everyone of us under one roof at the same time. An online forum or a mailing list would be great.

  12. Hi guys,

    I am software engineer with just 2 yrs of experience. i have a dream to work in belgaum, or start my own firm after some years. So to help our friends from belgaum who had completed their engineering and looking for a job i have started a community in orkut. You will find almost every engineer in orkut i think this is the best way we can approach our friends and make our Belgaum an IT city in a short while. Please have a look at this community..

    Nice to see you there..

    Thanks & regards
    Maruti S. Kutre
    [email protected]

  13. Hi guys,
    My name is Vijaykumar Marali. I am from Belgaum & very much interested to work in that beautiful environment.To be frank i was waiting for such an opportunity from long time to work in my own home belgaum.Today i am feeling that my dream is steadily getting in to reality. Currently i am working in bangalore as a software engineer with nearly three years of experience.
    If anybody is willing to consider my profile….i am ready to work for them since i am missing my town very much.

  14. I saw couple of posts where people are looking to come back to BGM and work in companies located here. I would like to share some of my thoughts to the readers and prospects about ground realities.

    While it may be nostalgic to get back to BGM, one has to understand and be prepared to work with smaller companies with not really so much name & fame and cash reserves to pay metro-like salaries. One should look at coming to BGM to make a career and if possible be a partner/core team member of the companies located here. Aim to grow with the company you are associated with and hitch your commercial returns with the success of company!

    There is myth in IT domain as to what really start-up means. I am sure not many people will really experience a real start up life, especially in India.
    All those overseas start-ups which come to India with fat salaries, bounty ESOPs, state of the art work place etc are not really “start-ups” In fact they are “started-up” in US or other place and are coming to other geographies for pure business reasons!

    Things are however changing, there are home grown companies entirely based in India and then looking at Global market/presence. May be you will get to experience a real ‘start-up’ life in such firms at a very early stage of formation.

    So for all those looking at BGM or perhaps North Karnataka as a destination to move please make up your mind and will. While the transition will be challenging it will be rewarding in the long run. The journey itself is an experience!

  15. Dear All,
    First I would like to introduce myself; my name is Kapil Kugaji by profession a Mechanical Engineer working at TATA technologies as PLM Consultant.Its nice to see that so many young minds are emerging with so many ideas and its a nice feeling that so many people are strive to do something in Belgaum and for Belgaum.
    Even though I stay long way from my hometown, I wanted to start a firm but we have started a small consulting firm with help of my friends Gomatesh Patil, Nikhil Jambhale and Vaibhav called Potential Consulting Technology & Services basically aimed at engineering services in CAD (Computer Aided Design) for Civil, Manufacturing and Electrical industries. Now we are doing it for Civil Domain but we are planning to diversify to other fields also later on.
    Email Address: [email protected] or [email protected]
    Even we are launching our website next month so I will update you all with our new website.
    I hope everybody will contribute to make belgaum Next IT destination.

  16. I think Belgaum got a large talent pool but it’s like a brain drain here even I am not exception for it but I am planning to return back to Belgaum after 3 years. I want to utilize that talent in Belgaum.
    So if anybody is willing to give some suggestions or want to share some ideas here is my
    Email Address: [email protected] or [email protected]
    I hope everybody will contribute to make belgaum Next IT destination.

  17. Its really a good suggestion & idea to raise IT growth in belguam. I am mahesh working in pune from last 6+ year in IT industry.To be frank i was waiting for such an opportunity from long time to work in my own home belgaum . I would like to be part of Belgaum IT & ready to work with smaller companies
    Please free to call me on +91-9890451157.

  18. Hello
    I agree with you all for developing a decent IT industry in Belgaum. Even 1% of Bangalore exports would be great to aim for.

    I am planning to return from US to Belgaum in 6-8 months. I am planning to start something on my own in IT development / BPO. I like to use my 12+ years of experience abroad. I know the road is bumpy and lots of challenges but I think it would be worth a try. It would be nice to know if anyone is persuing the same dream and would be interested in joining hands.

    I like to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Belgaum with like minded people. If you're interested please contact me at: [email protected]


  19. Hello,

    Well I would second the thought put forth by RK (16 weeks ago). I see that there are lot of aspirations around, but the real point comes when you ask yourself ..Are you ready for that change?, Have you done your home work ?, Are the aims, objectives, goals clearly set in the right direction? And most of all are you willing to take the risk?.

    As RK has rightly put about 'TRANSITION' would be challenging and definitely give long term benefits (And always not to be measure in terms of monetary).

    This is not that I am being negative in thoughts, but I am saying that everyone should step forward and take the decisions, and work towards to make it happen. There would be issues, errors, problems, defects in everything…so start anticipating those and let make all the things happen.

    Sorry I have been doing the same since 4 years, thinking ….how to ?.

    Well I need to go out of my building and shout !!!!!!



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