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Bangalore one dream for other cities as well

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Following the successful venture in Bangalore of Bangalore One centers, which offer various services, including bill payment and passport, he said the similar initiative would be launched in four-second tier cities of Mysore, Bangalore, Mangalore, Shimoga and Belgaum.b1logob1logo

It was planned to open centres in Mysore, where five locations have been identified, Mangalore, Belgaum and Shimoga. E-governance would be implemented in government departments from the district level to the State Secretariat this year, and later it would be done from the gram panchayat to district level.

1 thought on “Bangalore one dream for other cities as well”

  1. Well, Now I don see people fighting over this as to why it is being done. Come on, Marathi people; it is going to benefit the Kannadigas fight against it, Raise a petition. Stop the government from doing it.

    Why would you do it now? As this will benefit your kins. Where is your "Zhaillach Phaije" slogan?

    And Kannadigas, why don't you ask the government of Karnataka as to why are they counting Belgaum in those Major cities nowadays. Are they afraid they will lose it to Maharasthra. Why now? Why not then?

    I don't know what is working for you people over here but believe me, collectively you win benefits for yourselves and not individually.

    I would like to thank ALLABOUTBELGAUM.COM for keeping up the good work as I am fully aware of the proceedings in Belgaum. May be bringing out people to talk here without physical fight will end up the border issue forever.


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