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IIT Belgaum would it be a near Reality!!!

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With inputs from Blogger Satish Kumar

Strength of Unity never die or fail, for the first time in Belgaum all the eighteen MLA and two MPs and our industry bigwigs have come together and forged an alliance for further proceedings of establishment of IIT Belgaum, thanks to MLA Mr Abhay Patil who has taken the lead for this.

 Like VTU though head quartered in Belgaum its center of excellence like Tool room R & D center and E learning studio is based in Mysore , Belgumites must not be discriminated anymore and we should have full fledge IIT here at Belgaum.

In past when Mr Mahima Patel was in H D Kumarswamy’s ministry at Delhi brought up the opening of International American University from USA at Belgaum but it never materialized. Hubli-Dharwad got IITB Banglore branch, Gulbarga got Central University and Bangalore have IISC, so it is Belgaum to have IIT now. 

Belgaum which is an distinguished place for its industrial strata and acquired global accolades in industrial revolution from starting of Hydraulics to Coach building has got a very valid stand for ITT to be established soon here.

 Most prominent personalities of City from Industries, Educational establishment came together and presented and shared information and further road map for establishment of Belgaum IIT which included, Industrialist Mr.Sudhir Dharekar, Mr Vinay Jathar of JP Foundries, Mr Vitthal Hegde(Hotelier) , Mr Naryan Pai (Hotelier) Mr Vishal Hangirkar and Educationalists ,Former IIT Prof Dr Joshi Mr Kori from VTU , KLE Principal Dr S.S. Pilly GIT Principal Dr.D. H. Rao BBCI President Mr .B. Kaggangi, Dr.A.BKalkundrikar (Director IMER), R K Patil (Vavya Labs) Adil Bandukwalla (Leading Minds). 

Support from neighboring states too poured in, Two MPs from Goa & MLAs from Maharashtra mainly Kolhapur district have come forward in their interest and support for establishment of Belgaum IIT. I wish Mr Bommi district in charge Minister for Belgaum support this as well and stand by Belgaumites and why not? 

This is was the first ever meeting and another will follow this Sunday, most probably. People gathered here have a nice idea for a IIT in Belgaum and we should encourage them to go to the Government and get IIT to Belgaum.

Belgaum is growing as an educational hub, just like Pune. In fact many years ago many people used to compare Belgaum with Pune as the weather was pleasant, but now things have changed in the latter too much with the former being as it was. With colleges like Jain Group, MBA courses in so many colleges like IMER, VTU, MATS, Bhartesh Global School, and AIMS etc. We already have the medical college of high repute in town and the BIMS will add more to it. The Ayurveda College which has been taken over by KLE is being re developed and high standard of Ayurvedic hospital will come up. Homeopathic colleges are already there and we have the state’s best engineering colleges in town.  When we think of law or commerce or science or arts we have colleges older than our parent’s age. I guess by getting IIT to Belgaum or at least trying to get it will improve the face value of Belgaum.


Touch wood; let the IIT come to town.

8 thoughts on “IIT Belgaum would it be a near Reality!!!”

  1. While it is pride to have an IIT at BGM, the effort and lobby needed to to make it happen should not be underestimated. In my opinion we need more people from industry, technology domain and especially IIT' alumni ( from NK region) to contribute to this effort. While every NK town deserves the IIT to be established in its vicinity we need to advocate pros for locating the same at Belgaum. The empowered committee needs to do a lot of quality ground work. This should not end up like many of those state level committees set by government which carry out paper work just to satisfy the needs of Netas and government Babus!

  2. I totally agree with you RKP , things are prety different when it comes to Belgaum and North Karnataka, we often gat a raw deal , no previlage being the border district and contributing lot to state exchequer.

    I wish wahtever NRI support I can agther from Dubai thrugh a pettion or something


    Satish Kumar

  3. hahaha…lol…IIT AT BELGAUM!..u guys must be joking…it will and can never happen!…belgaum is a shit place!…n will always guys move on with ur jobs….n dont waste ur time doing crap to this town which will always be remebered as the town which :"HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL: but never…frankly i feel ashamed of being a belgaumite..when i go to interview at places ,people all ask me ;WHT IS BELGAUM??WHERE IS BELGAUM,?..hell no one even knows this damm place!….

    • Don't ever say that…..
      IIT in belgaum is a priveleged effort towards nurturing the future of thousands of belgaum students n so i do feel to tell u that if u're not the one to promote it , then atleast don't demote it… by sayin bgm is a s… place…

  4. Hello Friends,

    Its very good news for our some things looks going belgaum way. Hope it would not end up finall destination as Hubli Dharwad. Belgaum had and has all the potential to grow as Singapore. The peoples of Belgaum should take some initiative or promote our fellow belgaumites who wants to do some thing. Mr. Abay patil (MLA BJP) all belgaumites eyes are on you. Please prove yourself as an great leader and true Indian.

    In life money comes and goes but we get only few chances to do some thing for our peoples and god has given you the chance to develop our wonderful city. As I said some time back "Implementation is more important than just ashwasan" and we have to prove it.

    Nothing is impossible in life…we can achieve anything. If we all join our hands and think in positive way then we definitely see our Belgaum in greater height in few years. I would like share two examples here which I think inspire us to do some thing in our life,

    1) Chatrapatti shivaji maharaj: The life of the chatrapatti shivaji itself is the most inspiring. The king won the 16 forts in just 16years of age then why can't we develop our single small city and then our country?

    2) Jump in to swimming pool: To learn swimming we have to jump in to water then only we can learn swimming…If we know this truth then why think negative…we have to start thinking always positive then only something can happen to our belgaum..

    I am positive about our belgaum growth and my role which I can play now and in future…I just wanted our few friends to realize their capability and think positively…I know few things gone bad against belgaum for many years but I feel we are only responsible for this situation…

    Hope we all come together and fight for rights, and for our beautiful city Belgaum.

  5. Hi Mr Parag ,
    I am not sure what goes in your dirty mind about the city you belong , but let me tell you something , every one says oh the gutter stink, but no one gets into it to cleean and open the cease , You are one of those how cant look after your home, hwta else you can give to your home society and city otherwise, Think you too can change your mind and yourself , be a contributor to good causes than just being a mute spectator of foul mouth

  6. HI
    Mr Parag I stay abroad, I know Belgaum was not much known place before but today as a blogger I had reached people beyond continents all know Belgaum some of them are native of it too.
    You shuldnt feel off about the place you belong make an effort be an ambassador to you home town /State and country, and yes Belgaum have potential it is undesputed the reason is you need to knwo What Belgaum contributes, just few have been lsited below
    It is second largest exporter of engineering goods, horticulture and flouriculture after Banglore, contributing to state capital reserve.
    The only cosmoploitant palce in N Karnataka
    It is Belgaum where the rain catchment area quenches the thurst of all the cities aorund it.

    You need to be productive in building an image for the city stand proud for where you belong and make a differnce, or just stand by blame govt and individuals and do nothing , the choice is yours

  7. hey i totally agree on u guys…
    But let Belgaum be as it is now…if IIT starts over here it may become a S…place as said by Mr Parag.


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