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Belgaum railway stations look after renovation

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This is how the Belgaum railway station will look after renovation is complete. The work is in progress and raising the height of the platform has been done. Now the main building work is under progress and multi level parking building is also under construction. It will take another 12-16 months or even more for the new look.

Belgaum Railway Station
Belgaum Railway Station


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The new plan layout of the station is there at the station. 

3 thoughts on “Belgaum railway stations look after renovation”

  1. Yeah!!!! This plan looks excellent!! Places like railway stations,Airports,Bus stands must have great facilities and look too.. As most of the outstation people will be impressed at the very first time they reach belgaum 😉 I hope authorities stick to the plan and execute this within the stipulated period or if lucky enough.. before deadline..

  2. I feel this is not enough, having this building will solve fewer aspects such as more booking windows, reservation counters and retiring room but will not solve problems such as having water refilling system for coaches, more pit lines and sidings on platforms ends, additional platform and a separate goods shed and Marshalling yard, all this is required to be studied and implemented.
    Most of Belgaums politicians lack lateral thinking, just go on hype and show off, never look on technical feasibilities and advantages of any infrastructure requirements


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