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Barricades at first gate to stay as it is

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There was protest recently by citizens demanding that the Barricades installed at First gate on Congress road must be removed. But today the Commissioner of Police has issued a press note stating that, Barricades at First gate will stay as it is due to safety reasons and smooth flow of traffic.

Barricades have been installed on Congress road junction at the First gate due to which vehicles coming from Deshmukh road have to take a left turn move ahead and then take a U turn on Congress road.

The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road

The press note states that as this is a junction and has heavy traffic movement of HTV towards Goa and vice versa and also the junction is used to turn towards Mandoli road, Chougule wadi it will be a bottleneck for movement of traffic and hence barricading will be continued even an Railway Over bridge is constructed.

The barricades on Deshmukh road and Basveshwar circle have been removed, the note added.

3 thoughts on “Barricades at first gate to stay as it is”

  1. barricades should be there in first gate congress road..otherwise there will be heavy trafic jams ..Those who dont hav knowledge are opposing this..good move by commissioner of police

  2. Very good decision. I would appreciate the barricades made firm so that two wheelers are prevented from crossing .Strict implementation with heavy fine for defaulters. Citizens need to be disciplined.


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