Barricades on Second gate as well?

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Sources have confirmed AAB that the Traffic police has surveyed the 2nd Gate area and has finalized to put in barricades as at First gate to regulate smooth flow of traffic.

The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road
The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road

The traffic officials are happy with the flow of traffic at first gate, but at the same time the commuters arent happy with this as they have to take a long diversion of about 250 mtrs.

Even at second gate barricades would be installed and plan is there would also be a crossing about 200 mtrs from the gate.
After the barricades were installed at First gate all traffic from Mandoli road now commutes through the second gate and we arent sure in what fashion the barricades would be installed if they are in reality.

A few people were charged fines for crossing over the dividers near first gate.

Also last week it was told that a new traffic management would be implemented on first gate however we are yet to see any implementation of the same.

Are Barricades only the way forward? 

2 thoughts on “Barricades on Second gate as well?”

  1. It is good to know that Traffic problems are addressed . The solution may not be ideal one , yet we as Citizens , should appreciate the initiative . I wish to bring to the notice of Authorities , thru this channel , that even though barricades are put , people tend to cross over to the other side over jumping the separator . This could potentially lead to accidents . Hence it is better to increase the height of Road separator by either planting vertical small trees or by cement blocks . Those who cross such way should be penalised properly after public awareness campaign .

  2. I stay in Nanawadi, if i am at RPD or 1st gate to get back to my house i have travel 3 extra Kms now, there could be such hundreds of people who have travel extra, so much of petrol is wasted because of this stupid planning…

    These coward politicians of Belgaum are too week to get the underground/flyovers Bill passed due to which commuters have to suffer…


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