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Barricading near Court removed in 24 hours

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Road infront of court barricaded now only underpass has to be used, this was done on Saturday night and on Monday morning 8 feet barricade just the cross has now been removed.

The biggest question is who asked the PWD to put it and then remove it ?

court barricadeThose who waste public money should be accountable and compensate the losses. If the same had to be removed why was it placed in the first instance or was it later that the PWD realized it.


We seem to be living in era of unplanned development and unplanned unforeseen planning, one department has no idea about what the other is doing when each one must co-ordinate with each other.

4 thoughts on “Barricading near Court removed in 24 hours”

  1. Stop dreaming about smart city. Nothing will happen. Don’t blame anyone. We the foolish Belagavi people are responsible for all the mess. We feel proud in successfully organizing Maratha Kranti Morcha, Lingayat Sammelan and so on. We can never unite for our city. Hopeless situation..

  2. The Bar Association raised a legitimate request to provide a solution to commute between the old and new court compound. The same was supposed to benefit litigants, advocates and people travelling between R. Chennama and RTO circle. However the civic authority came up with a bizarre of underpass that one has to take the underpass from new court compound to Gate near the DC office, surface on top and then again cross the road! This was also done without taking into confidence the Belgaum Bar Association. It was criminal waste of money and mockery of the efficiency of the civic authority.

  3. Well Said Mr. Prashant,
    Until & Unless we the people of Bgm “COME OUT OF COMMUNALISM”, we cant think about our City Development.
    Leaders from all Communities must come together and MUST think about the development of our city.
    (People follow their Community Leaders, and imagine if the leaders speak about our City Development—then definitely it will reach peoples head & it will WORK).


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