Road infront of court barricaded now only underpass has to be used

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The divider near DC office, court has been now permanently barricaded and hence people will have to use the underpass to cross over to the other side.

All vehicles also which have to go to DC office and Old court complex will have to turn after LIC Office and get to the court or DC office complex.

The Underpass has never been utilised by the advocates and the people and now this step will make all of them to make use of the underpass only as crossing over across the road is now not possible.

court-roadIn in November 2013 the under pass was opened to public but it has hardly been used by anyone.

The Bar association had then said that the underpass is impractical and unfeasible. They say they had demanded for the underpass from JMFC and Sessions courts as the distance was 50 feet but if one uses the underpass it is now 250 feet.

The estimated cost was 1.5 crores.

Now it needs to be seen who the citizens react to this barricading.

5 thoughts on “Road infront of court barricaded now only underpass has to be used”

  1. Right decision.? Infrastructure worth crores built for some betterment of city n wats the use if people don’t use them. Appreciate da decision.?

  2. It was the lawyers who fought for the underpass, after the underpass was constructed they denied to cross in. Now let’s see what happens. Dont believe them. Lawyers are liars!


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