Batching plant Installed at Lotus County.

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New Batching PlantThe Batching plant, the first of its kind in the city Belgaum has been installed at Lotus County.

Batching plant combines various ingredients in exact proportion to form concrete. The inputs used are sand, water, aggregate, cement and admixtures. Since all these ingredients mixing is done in central location by computerized system uniformity and a very high quality is maintained in the concrete.

Mr Satish Giri, MD of Lotus Landmarks.Pvt Ltd said “by this way we can produce exactly the mix we want and where we want and in quantity required for the day by fully computer controlled automated machine. Once the production is starts, quantity of each ingredient enter the mixer in required proportion and the finished product comes out of same properties throughout. By this we adhere to strict quality control in constructions as per our company policy and also increase our productivity. We also save time & speed up construction. A centralized concrete batching plant can serve a wide area. Whereas in conventional methods generally water is increased for workability of concrete which in turn reduces strength. The concrete mix produced in batching plant is of higher compression strength as water cement ratio is maintained correctly”


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