Belagavi Airport Drop/Pickup: Supposed 10-Minute Free Zone Becomes a Hassle as Parking Charges Persist, Leaving Travelers Frustrated

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Vinaykumar, who recently visited Belagavi Airport, shared an incident where he was asked to pay parking charges of Rs. 20, even though he left within the allotted 10 minutes.

In his message, Vinaykumar kindly requests the people of Belagavi to take note of this individual’s name and remember his face. This person can often be found in the airport parking area. According to the rules, vehicles can be parked for airport pickups or drop-offs for up to 7 minutes. However, even if the time limit is not exceeded, this person demands Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 from many travelers, who often pay without questioning.

Today, when Vinaykumar confronted him about this issue, the person responded by saying that money must be paid regardless of the time spent. He even suggested complaining to someone if there was a problem. It is crucial for the relevant authorities to address this matter seriously and take appropriate action.

If one looks at the board, it clearly states “GRACE TIME IN LANE 7&3MIN DWELL TIME,” indicating that 10 minutes of parking is free.

In previous instances when this issue was raised, the Belagavi Airport’s official handle responded by stating that 10 minutes are indeed allowed for drop-offs and pickups.

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Some comments on the issue by users –

sach_sp – Yes I too have questioned him but he said go and complain anyone and started taking video of mine bad behavior by this person

Prachi.Rudrappagol- Finally someone brought this issue up! The individual in question insisted on a payment of INR 20, despite our brief stay of less than 10 minutes within the airport premises.

Pratap Desai – Happened twice with me. What we can expect from corrupt city. From passport verification till parking every where they want commission.

abhishek_jinagouda – Faced the same problem.. need to remove this guy from work… I guess he is eating all of it

theeventcpny – Yes this person is a huge nuisance . We request authorities to sack him immediately.

pranav__paiI – have had a similar experience with him. Extremely rude and I had not even parked my vehicle.

Suresh Patted – This guy collects each and every time

Harshavardhan Inchal – Whenever they demanded the parking fees I just asked them to check the time and they left us realizing we are well aware of the rules . But most of them were paying the fees. We had met personally the airport director and raised the issue around 6 months back , he assured that necessary steps would be taken but there wasn’t any action taken. Even hubli airport also same issues. In places like Mumbai , Bangalore, hyderabad etc such practice not there, it’s only at tier 2 airports where most of the people are ignorant.

Hemendra Porwal -I have never paid them, let’s all be active and read the rules properly.

Rahul Aralikatti – Many times it happened with me, I complained but it seems no action is being taken by authorities, it’s a pity.

now I chech time & pay according to lust displayed

Arvind Kapadia – Ohhh my daughter to was conned by this guy. In fact I had a ruckus with his boss and warned him

Chetan Doddamani – I even had a similar experience. The IXG airport authorities are highly unethical. They cannot manage operations at the entrance and exit, i wonder if there is some situation inside the airport premises it would be hard on passengers.

Jyoti Nazare – I just dropped and returned without any parking or stoppage..

When questioned he used abusive words

Vijay Gondhali -Belagavi Airport yes this happened many times when last time we questioned they left us but each time who will keep on questioning them concerned authorities must take note of this.

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  1. I have also same problem at Hubli airport. Always ask for pickup and drop charges. When we ask for display it is inside the airport. It should display at entrance of airport. If we quarrel he is warning. If you stay inside more than 90 seconds you have to pay 140 rupees. How it is 140 rupees and 35 rupees. Pls clearify hubli airport authorities


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