Belagavi Airport Runway, Terminal Expansion plans

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Proceedings are underway to facilitate the expansion of Sambra Airport’s runway and terminal, according to DC Belagavi Nitesh Patil. The district administration is taking necessary steps to acquire approximately 57 acres of land for this purpose in Belagavi.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has allocated Rs. 229.57 Cr for the construction of the New Belagavi Terminal building and other associated works at Belagavi Airport.

The Belagavi Terminal Building will cover an area of 20,000 square meters, comprising 16,400 square meters for the New Terminal Building and an additional 3,600 square meters for the Conversion of the Existing Terminal into Arrivals.

Patil, presiding over a meeting at the Collectorate hall on November 18, emphasized the importance of submitting a comprehensive report detailing the land requirements for the runway and terminal expansion, as well as its proper utilization. He also urged the airport director to provide clear and written information about the provision of alternative roads and other facilities for the local community.


It is worth noting that the required land for the airport has already been allocated. Therefore, only additional land needed for the expansion of the runway and terminal, as well as the installation of signal lights, will be acquired. Patil assured that the necessary land for terminal expansion will be provided.

Regarding the development of Belagavi Airport, it is important to address the issue of 14.05 acres of land currently in the possession of the Air Force. Patil emphasized the need for mutual discussion to resolve this matter.

Thiagarajan, the director of Belagavi Airport, requested land and other facilities for the expansion of the runway and terminal. He also highlighted the importance of constructing alternative roads and other infrastructure for the benefit of the local community.

Once the structural plan has been submitted and approved, the actual construction work for the terminal is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2024. The entire project is anticipated to take approximately 36 months to reach completion.

Belagavi Terminal Building is 20,000 Sqm (16,400 Sqm for the New Terminal Building + 3600 Sqm for the Conversion of the Existing Terminal into Arrivals).

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