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Belagavi Airport to get State-of-the-Art NEW Terminal: 2400 PaX Capacity, 4 Aerobridges and more

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By uday

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has recently announced a tender for the construction of a state-of-the-art new terminal at Belagavi airport.

The estimated cost for this new terminal at Belagavi airport is Rs. 265.05 Crores, which includes a capital construction cost of Rs. 216.05 Crores and an additional cost of Rs. 49.00 Crores for operation, maintenance, and repair. The construction phase is expected to take 24 months, or 730 days, with an additional 2555 days allocated for operation, routine maintenance, and a 5-year Annual Integrated Contract Management (AICMC) post Defect Liability Period (DLP) of 2 years. The bidding process for this project will commence on November 27, 2023, and conclude on December 12, 2023.

The new domestic terminal building and its associated facilities will be designed to accommodate the needs of air travelers. It will be a “5 Star GRIHA rating New Domestic Terminal Building,” featuring a new departure terminal and the conversion of the existing terminal into an arrivals area. The terminal will be equipped with four aerobridges, allowing for the smooth flow of 2400 passengers during peak hours (1200 arrivals and 1200 departures).

In addition to the terminal building, the project will also include the development of various landside facilities such as a parking area, service road, a new approach road from the highway, landscaping, and a utility block. The architectural design of the building will reflect the local context, incorporating elements inspired by the region’s geography, landmarks, culture, art, and architecture.


The terminal building will consist of arrival and departure facilities at ground level, with the addition of PBB (Passenger Boarding Bridges) at the mezzanine floor level for the convenience of passengers.

The ground floor will house the check-in hall, passenger screening and security hold areas (SHA), retail/concession areas, and other passenger facilities. Additionally, PBB/Aerobridge will be available on the first floor for boarding.
Passengers will enter the building through PBB/GF (Ground Floor), where they will find the baggage handling system, concourse, and other necessary passenger facilities.

A double-height pier will be constructed to provide access to Code C stands. Air bridges can be reached through ramps at each gate position, connecting the departures level to the fixed link bridge level.
Bussing gates/lounges will be located at the apron level at the end of each pier. Passengers can reach these areas directly from the departure level using escalators.
All baggage handling, including departing and arriving bags, as well as hold bag screening (HBS), will take place on the ground floor.
The space between the terminal building facade and the pick-up kerbs (below the canopy) will serve as an external concourse. A canopy made of tensile fabric will be installed.

The parking facility will offer a surface area with ample space for 500 private cars, including 8 designated for Persons with Reduced Mobility. In addition, there will be 10 parking spaces for buses/coaches, 100 spaces for taxis to queue, 100 staff car parking spaces (including 2 for PRM), and a dedicated area for two-wheelers used by AAI and airline staff.

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