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Investigation Unveils Death Note in Belagavi Cantonment CEO’s Demise

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By uday

The Belagavi City Police Commissioner conducted an inspection at the residence of K. Anand CEO of Belagavi Cantonment who was found dead in his official residence in the camp area. Commissioner of Police Siddaramappa personally visited the location of the incident and thoroughly examined it.

Speaking to the media after the visit, he revealed that a note was discovered in K. Anand’s room, which will be carefully analyzed to identify its contents. The Commissioner expressed his confidence in obtaining more information in due course.

During the inspection, a bottle of poison was found on the bed, indicating a possible suicide. The Commissioner stated that the investigation would include interrogating the Cantonment board staff and the family members to gather more details.


According to reliable sources, the deceased CEO Anand had suffered significant financial losses in online gaming. The exact motive behind his tragic decision can only be determined through a thorough police investigation. According to sources, it has been revealed that the individual who tragically passed away had been viewing online tutorials related to suicide.

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